Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let them go... you can grow!

I read this comment on Facebook that I had to share as it really fit in with some of the experiences I am having lately with old relationships and even some of the newer ones.  What these old and new relationships have in common is they are both toxic relationships.  Relationships that stunt growth rather than promote it, support it, encourage it.

Relationships that have been forged on a commonality of some sort as we are mostly attracted to like people, people who omit the same energy vibrations as we do.

I had to laugh out loud as I read the words that accompanied the picture as I certainly have experienced some of the characters described as well as played some of the characters at times in my past.

Protect your mind, body and spirit...
"Stay Away From Toxic People!!!"

Thank you "Yes I Am My Sister's Keeper" 
1)Muckrackers: These negative spirits love to drag up old painful events and then revel in the anger, resentment, or bitterness that such unhappy memories hold.  Stay away from any spirit, in others or in yourself, that wants you to dive into some suffering over what happened in any past moment.

2) Mud Slingers: These malicious spirits pull themselves up by pulling others down. They love to gossip, criticize, judge, and denigrate anyone who ever had the misfortune of spending time with them.  The only loyalty these denizens of the unconscious worlds have is to their own pain, which they feed by involving everyone they can in their mud slinging.

3) Swamp Dwellers: There is a group of mired spirits that thrive on low vibrations, and that require a human instrument to play out their endless dark dissonance.  Easily recognizable, these unfortunate forces serve up dreadful mental pictures of past and future events for the sake of the unnatural reactions they produce.  Ignore these corrupted spirits and they must take their evil speculations elsewhere.

4) Life Haters:  These dark spirits perpetuate their hold on the human soul by resisting the beautiful gifts of life.  They trick us into commiserating with the complaining, cruelty, and irritation because without our unconscious consent, these chronically conflicted spirits can't spread their poison.

Funny thing is that when we act out these roles we cannot so easily see or admit this about ourselves.  Our conditioned limited thinking believes that as long as we don't see our behavior that no one else does either.  To Justify our behavior we will seek out others to tell us we are right.  We will tell all who will listen, "only our side" of the story in hopes to anger them as well at the other person as there is strength in numbers.

Signs we should recognize in ourselves in times we are allowing these negative spirits to rise in us go ignored.  One key sign is the need to form allies against a person you once called friend.

We know who to call in times like these, we call those who are easiest to manipulate into going into battle with us, those who are the most likely to agree with us.  And even the mutual friends who we tread lightly with when sharing our version of the events.  We know that they know the other person well also, so we use a little more caution in our words when we attempt to also gain their support in our pointless self destructive rampages in life.

We do all this to be right not realizing  when we are right in our positions in life we do not need allies to support our being "Right" or "Justified" in also involving others in the unnecessary drama.

When we are acting in line with our true selves in a positive way with a higher vibration we do not need to find allies to support our side.  We would rather seek out counsel on how to deescalate the situation rather than escalate it to higher levels of anger and hate.  We are looking for solutions to healing our pains.  We also begin to line up our intents and actions.  Live our truths no longer needing to be offended by opportunities to grow when the truth is given to us.

We live a life with challenges still but those challenges are overcome with positive energy and result in growth when we are channeling the higher vibrations in us, loving ourselves and others without conditions.

We begin to shed the old relationships of past and start forming spiritual relationships. Relationships that support growth on both sides.  We understand that someone who loves us is not trying to hurt us by being honest with us.  These supportive relationships also recognize there is no need to be angered at our friends for following their dreams and making changes in their lives.  We may feel some loss if they do not have time for our problems but recognize that maybe this time we need to work out our own issues and allow our friends to work out theirs.

Not all lessons are learned by finding someone to bail us out, in fact most aren't as we need to deal with the results of our choices in life to learn to make better choices.  I know for me it was not until I started making better choices that I realized that I had to walk a path alone to get to the place where I could honestly see me for me and build from there.

This month I have learned a lot about letting go of the toxic relationships in my life and embracing the spiritual relationships.  I am blessed to not have to go through the same level of drama of past.  I know now that it is okay for our paths to part, they may come together again and they may not, either is okay.  We learn that love and relationships are not ownership.  We also learn that we do not have to create some big catastrophic event to say goodbye to others.  I am learning that walking my path is my purpose for being here.  I want to fulfill my purpose in life, live my truth and experience the inner joy and love I was born to experience.

Realizing my purpose for the whole
At what age we begin to actively participate in our Journey in life does not matter.  This is not a race or a competition.    Focusing on me and my growth, building relationships that serve that growth formed in true unconditional love is where I am at in life today.  I no longer am defined by yesterday or the day before.  This is my awakening, I may stumble along the way, in fact I most certainly will.  Today I know that is the whole point.  Those mistakes I used to try and pretend didn't exist are my lessons and I own them, I cherish them.

Today I am letting go of the Toxic people in my life and embracing my growth in doing so.  I want to reach my full potential and have my purpose realized.  Yeah!

Have a most blessed day, I love you from a place of understanding and respect.

One Love

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