Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Love Is What's Up~

Yaaaay, I always get so excited when a new Country stops by to share some love with the Journey.  Today South Africa joined in on the love happening all up in here my friends.
Yaay for South Africa, welcome to the Journey we are blessed to have you and hope you return, muah!

So after a refreshing cold shower Mr. Marley let me know it was time to go outside, my meditation time was not going down says he.  He is the boss of me you know, haha.

Play time is my favorite time, ya man!
So I got dressed all cute like because I am practicing a new phase of my positive visualization for getting a truck to tow One Love across the Country and further if I can find a boat so kind to take us over the sea to more wonderous lands to spread the love and share the Tree of Life.

I watched a video on the law of attraction, I am all about this law of attraction thing right now and am learning it really works ya'll.  My life has improved greatly.

I haven't put a whole lot of energy into the getting my own wheels thing because I felt like I needed to learn more about giving up control and reaching out for assistance from others.  I also wanted to learn to trust in my Creator to put me where I am meant to be when I am meant to be there.

Mr. Marley is my name, Fetch is my game!
Well, I am getting the 5 month itch, haha.  I am ready to tow myself and get this show on the road so I have been putting a lot of energy into this wanting a truck thing.  I have been asking the Universe to bring me a truck.  I have been visualizing me driving with One Love secured safely behind me.  I have been using the dollar store flower wheel that I bought back in the day as you remember if you have been following that long.  Well now I am stepping my game up a notch.  I am anticipating my new to me truck arriving each day.  I get dressed nice and all as I want to look my best when my new truck arrives.  Each time I see a truck I say...  "Yay, my new truck is here".  Yeah I know that I have a very vivid imagination, well thank goodness for that as the law attraction says if you want something ask for it, imagine you have it and excitedly anticipate it's arrival.  So I am all over it my friends and I know it is going down real soon like, haha.

I gots the ball Mamas, I gots the ball!
Tuesday is always my lucky day and I was feeling a little colorful after a great morning of painting so I really spiced it up and then me and Mr. Marley headed to the park for some fetch.  We had a lot of fun.  He is really good at fetch.  He is not so good at handing over the ball haha.  Yeah he brings it right to me, but he likes to wrestle me for the ball.  He is a character let me tell you.  I am so blessed to have Mr. Marley.  He keeps me going ya know.  He is my guy, at least that's how he acts when any other guys come around, haha.

Nope, sorry Mama I didn't see this ball you speak of but I found this old
banana peel instead wanna share?
It's really nice out today.  The wind is blowing and the sun is shining.  The air is full of electric love and I am just feeling the Rasta in me today.  Rasta is a state of mind if you ask me.  If you have ever listened to Reggae music you know what I mean.  I have never once heard a bad message in a Reggae song, nope not one.  I love Reggae, it is the most uplifting music with message after message.  Mr. Marley loves it too, but hey he's a Marley, haha.

Have a most blessed night my friends, I love you all from a place of peace and serenity.  May your night be full of Joy.

One People
One World
One Love


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