Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Manifest Destiny~

If the Universe does bring us that which we ask for
Why then do we live life anticipating only closed doors

Doors that would swing the other way if only I trusted in me
listening to my inner voice, trusting my instincts to create my reality~

If we look deep within before each thought becomes an action we take
we learn to see our true intent, learn to live by intents real and not fake~

I walked a path once that lead me to a place I didn't want to be
I couldn't see each step taken to get me there was a step chosen by me~

No one told me, or if they tried I did not listen, I could not hear
I lived my life blinded, in a prison built by walls of my own fear~

Failed results~
Aftermath I took breath of daily
overtaken by my own ignorant fears
lost, drowning in a self created sea of my own tears
Blinded by self lies, justifications, self defenses trusting the only truth I could feel
I did not realize it was merely false evidence appearing real

When there was no one and nothing left to blame
 cold reality set in as I realized it was I who chased it all away
the karma of my intents came strong and it was my time to pay
avoiding life's challenges led me to my own judgement day~

Today each morning I breath life a new, knowing these truths to be true
Each pain given a true gift you see, a chance to heal, forgive you and forgive me
Each challenge given an opportunity for growth, planting a seed in need of positive intent to sprout
No longer hindered by my own fears, I rise up and sing praise for these gifts casting past ignorance out~

I learned the greatest secret of life
today I know my dreams bring my reality
like the break of dawn surely brings light

No longer lost in turmoil of my own design
facing my challenges and pains, they are all gifts
beautiful mistakes lessons learned all mine

What others say no longer of consequence to I
A dreamers eye,
an artist whose canvas no longer runs dry
creating from the truth within,
brilliant colors of love bring the life I now live~


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