Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Much To Do About Marley

Okay, so I haven't had much time to share Mr. Marley with you lately and much is changed in the wonderful world of Mr. Marley and Me.

I have a lot to do today, getting One Love put back together, setting up my new outside kitchen on my new enclosed patio and going back to the hospital for my results regarding my swollen ankle which is not going down.   So I will make this quick and easy on you with lots of fun Mr. Marley Pics of Mr. Marley's first car ride.  Yaay Mr. Marley!

Mr. Marley enjoyed his first car ride when my Nephew Nemo and his girlfriend Bridgette picked me up for my first trip up to Sacramento.

At first he was really not feeling the whole car ride thing.  NO, not feeling it at all, bahahahahahah.

Mr. Marley goes on his first long car ride
Adjusting to life in a car for a few days was a big scary thing for Marley
He is almost a pro now, however he needs some coaxing to get him into a vehicle, haha
After about the first half an hour of driving he mellowed out a little, of course we had to stop a few times in that first half hour so I could walk him around and let him feel his feet on solid ground for a bit, take a puppy pee and then back to the moving box, yikes, haha

Mr. Marley does not like car ride, no Mr. Marley does not like it one little bit!

Mr. Marley spent a good portion of the ride to Sacramento either in my lap, on my chest or attempting to cling to my head like something that resembled a baby alien from the movie Aliens, seriously this was one fun ride!

Why Momma? Why?

GUESS who is crying help this time, bawhahahahaha


By the time we reached Sacramento Mr. Marley had adjusted to the moving box some and was returning to his usual happy go lucky self...

Yaaaay Marley!

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