Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Painting for Peace

Just finished up this mornings painting.  I enjoyed a very peaceful morning, my brush flowed from love while I enjoyed the uplifting sounds of some smooth reggae music playing from my Pandora radio station.

Ready for a shower and some meditation.  Yesterday was a very emotional day, I will share soon.  Some reflection and thought is needed before putting into words what awakenings I had yesterday.

In the mean time here are some photos of the progress of the Tree of Life on One Love in order of beginning of the morning till finishing up for the day now.

I was blessed with some photos of Rasta Man today.  He is eating now, and Heather tells me he is quite the cuddly little fella.  Rasta should be joining the Journey around the first week of next month.

He is so cute, sleeping with his two sisters, they think he is a pillow I believe, bahaha.

Have a most blessed day
One Love 
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