Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Mornings are gifts of a new beginning given to us every day, embrace each new
day with a new attitude of love and compassion, treating yourself kindly for
facing your challenges and fears the day before.  Today is yet another chapter
in your Journey, a new lesson awaits, embrace it with excitement.

Looking back is something I only do these days to evaluate the lessons learned.  This past week has been a week of challenges and struggles on many levels, for that I am blessed.

I just got off the phone with my best friend Charles who always brightens my day with his wise wisdom.  He sent me a text recently that said... "Those with the most brilliant minds are often thought the craziest by others who cannot think past their own limits."  He reminded me of that text this morning and told me how proud he was of me for sticking this out.  He said honestly that he thought I would make it out here facing my fears maybe a month and now 4 months later he can see I am really doing this.  His words helped me this morning with one final lesson of the week.  Letting go of what I have no control over.  Living my truth and not letting others hate or drama be my own.  Thank you Charles, you words and love gives me strength and courage.  See you soon.

Sunrise May 29th 2012

One of my neighbors needed to park one of his trucks in my space while the park
was full.  It made for a good visualization tool for me in imagining the arrival of a
vehicle to tow One Love.  Mr. Marley loves the mornings just like I do.  If you
look close you can see an orb next to him.  I got lots of them in this mornings photos
I haven't had any show up in a while.  I prayed for support this morning as I sat
on my steps before taking photos I like the idea that support is all around me.
This mornings sunrise was especially beautiful in an intense way.  I sat on my patio with Mr. Marley drinking my coffee looking over the park that is back to it's normal amount of residents.  Most of the trash now cleaned up from the weekend visitors.
Some of the residents here took large garbage bags and walked the levee to clean up the trash left behind by people who came to enjoy nature for a few days with no concern for the very beauty they came to enjoy.  One of my neighbors collected 7 full large yard size garbage bags of rubbish.  And that is just one person who helped with the clean up.

View from One Love of the Morning Sun, I feel blessed to star a new day

I have never liked littering, people used to ask me how I drove such a nice car yet had trash in it.  I would rather throw it on my own floor than the earths surface.  Once I separate it and recycle the recycling I toss the rest where it belongs in the trash.  Today I have an even larger appreciation for Our Mother Earth and all life blessed to enjoy her.  I believe us getting in touch with the love in us and letting go of the fears brings us to a higher understanding of the damages we do in life with our careless thoughts, words and actions.

Although there were some who showed little care for the trash they put out in the beauty of this world there were many who showed much care in their time and energies to clean it up and pay respect to the gifts of nature.  Today I want to send my love out to both sides.  Yes both sides because one thing I am learning in life today is that loving those who show little respect is a gift to us both.  It allows me to free myself of angry judgments that fester and multiply my forming judgments and avoiding finding solutions and it allows the person I did not judge to feel some love, maybe softening some of their heart rather than hardening it.

Have a blessed day full of strength to face your fears, allow your pains to heal, your tears to flow.  This is a time of cleansing and rebuilding ourselves.  A time of love and understanding.  Any trash being thrown in your beauty is only there for you to clean up and find the beauty around and in you through the lessons learned along the way.  I love you.

One Love

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