Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Self Promise~

Today I make a promise to myself
A vow to trust in my gifts
I challenge to put all doubts on the shelf
rewarding my courage, celebrating my strength
recognizing my true abilities have no limits or lengths~

Today I wrap my arms around Self and let Her know it is okay
yesterday is gone, tomorrow not promised my focus is on today~
Today I let go of the resentments of past pains
staying true to my souls purpose so that only truth and love remains~

Today I remember that I love Me the most
I raise my glass in celebration of Me and make a toast
I will show Me I am so much better than I know~

Today I promise to let myself cry
I will hold my heart while we weep
I will comfort my fears and dry my own tears~

Today I understand that all things in life are gifts
I will hold my own hand while I face each challenge life brings
I will carry the weight when Self is scared reminding her she can do anything~

Today I promise me all these things
With every new sunrise I awake and look self in the eyes
I remind her of her inner light, shinning bright, overcoming any challenges life brings~

I love you Lelania, you are amazing, you are beautiful, you are you!
There is only one of you, your individual expression and talents
 are a gift to all when expressed freely with truth.
Be kind to yourself today, love yourself each step of the way.

Have a most blessed day.

One Love 

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