Friday, May 25, 2012

World be prepared...

For the coming of... Drum role please!!!

Rasta Toe
 Creator and Host of The 
Toe Jam Show
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Rasta Toe be Toe Jammin Mon

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Rasta Toe is the host of the Toe Jam Show.  
Enjoy the cool outlook of a Toe who Knows that Rasta is a State of mind while he interviews guest Toes from around the Globe!

So far on this Journey you have met the side of me who is working on self.  There is another side of me longing to be released, my inner comedian.  I have not graced you with my somewhat interesting sense of humor and thought it about time to have some fun, time to lighten things up a bit.  I am working or should I say playing hard at developing my newest addition to the Journey, My Toe!

Yes you heard it here first folks My Toe has a spirit all it's own and wants to be heard.  My Toe has a lot to say and feels it is long due time we get in touch with our inner funny foot, we all have one.  Together we shall explore the therapeutically beneficial elements of laughter.

Before you go getting caught up on the fact that my Toe is white, check yourself.  There is no barriers in Rasta, there is no barriers in love.  Rasta embraces love and love is my religion as Ziggy Marley so beautifully put it.  I hope you feel the Rasta in you today, let the love flow from head to Toe, hehe.

Now off to work I go, Rasta Toe needs a wardrobe and a stage for the Show to jump off Mon.  Rasta Toe be Toe Jammin and is ready to bring some laughter and some love of life into your heart, be ready for the love of Rasta Toe.

One Love
Rasta Toe

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