Tuesday, June 19, 2012


What a great day!!!

I woke up to the news that I still needed a tow for One Love.   I didn't let it get me down though, I sat after posting this mornings blog thinking to my self... "Self, this is pretty cool if you think about it...  things feel kind of unsure right now and that actually rocks!"  Sitting, smiling to myself, I said out loud... "Yeah, that rocks!"

Shortly after having a moment with Self, I got a text from my Twitter alert for Dr. Robert Radio.  I subscribed a while back to his tweets because he sends out positive quotes all day.  This mornings quote read...

 "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.~ Ghandi"

So I decided to be of service to my Sister today, I thought it would be nice for her to come home to a sparkling clean house.  As I started cleaning the kitchen I found this rock she gave me a couple of nights ago that said Believe on it!  I stood there laughing, a rock that says Believe, that rocks!

I remembered my morning post and my morning talk with self and laughed again, THAT ROCKS!!!  Hahaha.  At that moment I realized that no matter what happens in my life, no matter what I lose, no matter what hurts, no matter what seems impossible if I believe that it rocks, well than, it does!!!

I think I am actually getting this whole create my own reality thing.  I mean yeah, so things are a little screwed up right now.  One Love is stuck on a mountain and I am crashing at my little Sisters home on her couch.  But it really rocks, because I am okay with it all and I know that great things in life usually follow chaos, it's just the way life goes, or so mine has.  As I get older I realize that after the storm comes the sunshine, and when in the storm I can laugh out loud dancing freely through the rain knowing that these moments of uncertainty are the magic that creates the beauty of the sun breaking through the clouds illuminating the freshly cleansed world below.  Today is uncertain, however one thing is certain...  My belief that this all rocks!

While cleaning my nephew Sean and hes best friend Anthony came home and saw me dancing about cleaning all happy to some Reggae music and he asked if I found a tow?  I said nope!

Sean, with a puzzled look said "than what happened, your way to happy something must have happened".

 I laughed and said "Nope, nothing happened!  Well actually a bunch of stuff happened, I had a talk with Self, found a rock that rocks and remembered to believe"

He laughed and said... " I love you Auntie, JoJo!  You Rock!"

I said "I know right!"  and all three of us laughed.

Then he and Anthony asked if I needed help cleaning. I said "hecks to the yeah, nephew"

So the guys cleaned the living room and the floors while I finished the kitchen then they washed both of the dogs for me.  We all sat after we finished out on the patio and talked about my Believe Rock that Rocks!  We talked about our ability to create our own reality and the power our thoughts have. Then we got on the subject of Rasta Toe and all laughed as we came up with ideas for the show after me sharing what I have so far.  I think I just found some new creative writers for the Toe Jam show, yeah!!

DSS I Believe in you and me always!
My Sister came home and was super happy the house was sparkling clean, and started putting the groceries away while I put the Ginger, Coconut, Panko Chicken in the oven for dinner.  We were rocking out in the living room to Nickleback now and both laughing at each other and I said...  "Sis, We Rock!"  she laughed and said "You know it Dumb Stupid Sister".

What a great day right, than as if things couldn't get any better I went back out to the patio to write this blog and my phone rang.... On the other end was The Big Kahuna, who said he heard I was coming back to Tiki Lagun.  I told him that is kinda the plan, however I have to figure out the tow thing first.  I went on to catch him up on current events and he said "well, you sound great and I am super happy you're coming back"  I was super happy that he was super happy and can't wait to see him and all my other friends back at Tiki once I figure out this tow thing, which I will and if I don't that is okay too.  See I know now that whatever happens I fricken rock, and so does my life as long as I believe it does.

Thank you Dumb Stupid Sister for giving me that Believe Rock the other night.  You helped me to remember something I was forgetting.  You helped me to remember that as long as I believe in my dreams they are still reachable no matter what happens along the way.  I love you so much.

And I love all of you from a wonderful place of believing in me and you too!  I believe we can change our world, yours and mine.  I know that change begins in each of us.  I know that my journey is in me, no matter where I am or where I go!  That Rocks!!!
All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be!

One Love 

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