Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bringing One Love Home

Haha, gotcha!!!
Before I tell ya'll the story of Bringing One Love Home my daughter has insisted that I disclose the following facts...

Fact Number 1) Yes I did threaten her bodily injury if she didn't let me take her pictures, bahaha

Jess you are a ray of sunshine in my life, I love you every second
of every minute of every hour of every day of my life and them
some you crazily amazing wise old soul you, bahaha!

Fact Number 2) Yes she did ask me if I wanted another tuna fish sandwich and I did decline said offer.

Fact Number 3) Yes I did rip off half of her sandwich while she was eating it and eat it, hahaha.

Okay so this is the kinda day we are having here in One Love as we wipe everything down and put it all away listening to Pink radio on Pandora.  Joined by my BFF Kim who made our morning we all three got One Love in tip top shape on the inside while "The Sheriff" as they call him helped us out with leveling the trailer, replacing my mysteriously shredded new hose and fixing my electrical and plumbing issues that were new issues but are issues no more, his name is Ron and he is the handyman here.

So far I have met quite a few of the tenants here at Our New home.  A bunch of people came by last night and more this morning just to welcome me to the neighborhood, check out the art work on One Love and let me know if I need anything at all to give them a shout.  Awesome welcome from what appears to be pretty sociable and tight knit community of down to earth folks from what I can see.

One Love Safely set up in Our New Home!!!
Jim the manager of the complex called me to see if I got settled in okay and to see if I needed anything at all.  He also told me that they are planning a 4th of July BBQ and asked if I would do the honor of making the flier and collaborate with my neighbor a couple spaces down as she is coordinating the event.  Super cool that already I am getting such a warm reception and even more cool that I already have a task to do getting me involved in the coming festivities.

This day sure has turned around from where it began.  I woke up this morning feeling pretty down, surprising as I was so happy to get One Love back off of the Mountain.   I was crying when my Mother called and helped me a lot with some of her warm words of wisdom and encouragement.  Thank you so much Mom you always know what to say to brighten my day.

Jess you couldn't be any more my daughter if you had been born mine, you are the
best baby and I am so blessed to have you in my life, thank you for your love and
everlasting support and belief in me.  You Rock Baby Gurl!!!
Then Jessica woke up and cheered me up some more by making me some coffee and asking what was wrong. I told her that i was feeling down over moving backwards on my journey.  I wanted to be out of California by now and felt like a failure.  I thought I would be doing hand prints on the tree by now.  So I was all "boo hoo'n" and Jess looks me in the eyes and says...

Mom, you aren't moving backwards...  You are just coming back home for a little while so you can get your surgeries, let us take care of you until you are strong and healthy to move on and make all your dreams come true.  Besides the tree of life was my idea so you came home so I could help you finish it, wink!

She has a way of cheering and old gal up with her big brown eyes and wise words that remind me she is an old wise soul who loves strong from her heart.  Thank you Jess, I love you baby.  Kim came by shortly after and we all laughed together as we cleaned.  I told Kim how I was feeling all morning and she seriously hit me with some strong words about how far I have came, telling me it would be impossible for me to move backwards in life after coming so far forward.  She also said something that really hit me...  She told me that over the past five months I have grown strong enough to come home and make things happen for me here, anywhere!  Thank you Kim, old bitties, hahaha!!!

My Brother is the Best, I was a little nervous bringing One Love off the Mountain
My Brother made everything okay, drove like a pro and made my day the best
ever.  I love you so much Todd.  Thank you for always being there for me and
being the best husband and father ever to my Sissy!
Now that you know One Love, Mr. Marley and I are settled in let me tell you a little about the trip home.  My Brother and I left Santa Cruz about 6:30 am getting to the top of the mountain about 2 hours later and getting busy packing and loading up for the drive.  We got to the bottom of the Mountain about 11:45 am after a long drive down the hill.

My Manly Brother doing the Manly thing and assessing the problem while me and
Mr. Marley stayed safely in the truck haha
We had to stop about half way and park for a while as the brakes got over heated and we literally had no brakes and had a little trouble coming to a stop with the front tires being bald, the skidding was a little scary as a big turn was coming quickly up.  We got lucky and hit a somewhat level area with only about a 4% decline.  The average decline most of the trip down was about 8%.

Goodbye Mountain Road.  My time with you was short but taught me many valuable
lessons on this Journey of mine.  I love and appreciate each one and the time we had.
Once off the dirt road part we made our way through the Carmel Valley mountains and eventually got to I5.  Once on the main road we relaxed and had a lot of great conversations, lots of laughs and some good brother and sister quality time.  I love you so much Todd, you rock.  Thank you for everything I miss you and my family much already.

On the road again, woot woot!

All in all the whole trip took about 12 hours from beginning to end.  We pulled into my new park around 6pm.  Picked out a space for One Love and got her parked and hooked up.  My Brother blessed me with some groceries to last till pay day, thanks so much to you for that one Todd.  Love Ya!!  My youngest son Brandon, daughter in law Shawntice and my Grandson Baby Brandon arrived shortly after unhooking One Love with my Daughter Jessica.  I enjoyed an awesome night playing with my Grandson and catching up while we got some things unpacked and Jessica made us all dinner.  Good to be back with the kids, I really missed you all a lot!

This is my Brother and he Rocks!!!
Jess, Mr. Marley and I all cuddled up in bed and fell fast asleep after a long day.  Mr. Marley was between Jess and I moaning, tossing and truning all night with his dreams.  He is a little depressed missing Reef my Sisters family Dog who he got really close to over the past two weeks.  I think he is adjusting a little now after lots of love from Jess and I.

I Got This!!!
I called my doctor this morning and got scheduled so I can get the referrals I need to get moving with these surgeries I need.  In the meantime it feels good to be near the kids and have such a warm welcome.  I was feeling sad about returning to the concrete jungle after being out by rivers, farms and oceans.  Feeling disconnected from nature and my beautiful morning sunrises.  I have been through a lot of changes this past month and think now that I have One Love back I am releasing all of it.  I know that it will all be okay and I am right where I am supposed to be right now in life.  Like all things I will find the lessons in this part of the Journey too, I will not give up on my dreams, will not give up on me!

I love you all
It's not so much the roads we travel in life as it is the way we travel them, there is going to be right and wrong turns.  Sometimes the road is not so easy to see, embracing it all with the courage to move forward is the key!!!
One Love 
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