Friday, June 1, 2012

Cross Your Fingers

I have been feeling this longing to get deep into the woods.  A desire to find a location that was very secluded yet had the hook ups I needed.  I actually said to a few friends here in the park a few times this month that I wish I could find some place like this.

The great thing about my life today is that when I wish for things I really believe that those wishes can come true.  I believe I create my reality.  I also believe that us all being connected as one hear the wishes of others and like souls find each other.

I may have found a new home for One Love that is up in the Mountains on a large ranch.  There is solar electricity and spring water.  The owners of the property are great people.  I have been communicating with a wonderful woman who took the time to read the blog and offered to show me around this weekend to see if One Love, Mr. Marley and Me feel like this is our next home on this more amazing every day journey.

There are challenges involved in this new location, but they are great challenges.  This would be an opportunity to really get in touch with Self.  A chance to challenge myself physically, mentally and spiritually.  Mr. Marley would have 3 other dogs as friends along with some horses and fowl.

There are also wild animals way up there, some mountain lions and snakes and such.  The dogs are great protection from the wilder animals.  I would be using solar energy and fresh spring water and hopefully be able to grow some vegetables.  There would be a lot of challenges as I would really be far from civilization and the comforts of civilized living.  However I would be closer to nature and that alone is so valuable to me.  I feel that my art and writing would flow from me in great strides there.

I believe this would be a great opportunity for me to really get in touch with my soul, to get to the core of me and my purpose in this life.  I want to work on my meditating, get closer to the true source of my inner joy that seem to grow stronger with the less I have in the ways of the convenient comforts of life.

I just have this great feeling inside of me about this opportunity and hope this turns out to be a next step on the Journey.  Lynette is taking me tomorrow to view the property and if all goes well I could be moving shortly after with a tow from my Sissy and Brother in law.  I will take lots of pics tomorrow and let you all know how this visit goes.  Think positive thoughts for me in the mean time, this could be awesome.  I think Mr. Marley would love running about in the mountains with no doggy lead on to get himself caught up in hucklebucks all day long, haha.

I love you all from a place of excitement and courage to take the next steps in my Journey.

One Love
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