Monday, June 4, 2012

Dust in the wind~

 On the currents of the wind my pain is carried away, far, far away, 
Never again to burden this precious soul of light and love that is me.
Past pains and resentments, now, all they are is dust in the wind.  
Oh Great and Loving Kahuna who showed me the place where the pain hid
You came to me sent by love, with love, for love
You placed one loving hand of release on my heart and another on my head
Guided by you, releasing these pains, Your Hawaiian prayer.
I went to the Sun and back again, 
I went to the center of the earth and back again.
I let the stale air of pain out and took breath of new beginnings.  
The Blood moon greeting us, footsteps leading us to the place where the fire grew, 
The place where Stella's Spirit Guide joined the in joy with my Spirit Guides  
Standing on the stones waving goodbye, giving to the wind my pains, no longer mine.  
Dust in the wind.  I am free, I am light.  
Oh thank you my blessed Kahuna for your sight, 
Thank you for tonight.  
I love you always and we will see each other again one day high above this place.
I love you Kahuna.  
Oh thank you Spirit Guides for taking this step with me, by my side guiding me, 
Thank you for sharing your light tonight.  
Oh I am blessed and the new moon shall bring new beginnings.
Tonight the Full Moon carried the burdens into the Universe, 
now and ever released from me, Dust in the wind, free am 
Renewed life of love in me, I now breath, tonight restful I shall sleep. 

Tonight a great thing happened.  Tonight I released the pain of 13 names, never to be spoken again.  The experience was magical, cleansing.  I feel light on my feet, out of body and free.

Tonight I know the blessings of letting go.  Never again will I fear these truths I now see so clearly.  Pain is given to be healed, healing my pain binds me to my souls true path and purpose, healing pain through love gives me sight, brings me out of the dark and into the light.  Fears escapes me now, purged, courage to move ahead knowing my fears are also gifts given, ones I now have the strength in me to overcome with love, in love I live. 

Tomorrow I am beginning a new part of my Journey.  Awesome to think the same day One Love reaches the Mountain top Venus travels across the Sun signaling new beginnings.  The rain came this morning.  I, for a brief moment worried that the rain may make the winding road up the Mountain unsafe for travel.  Quickly I recognized that my fear could become my reality and checked myself.  I decide that I liked the idea of the rain washing away all the collected energy on One Love from the steps we have taken together before today and freeing us both for the new to come.  By midday the Sun was shinning bright and butterflies were all around me in flight.  I am not making this stuff up my friends, these are magical times for me.  Times I am blessed to see, and you know what? I owe it all to me for making the choice to take the first step in the right direction.

Good night my friends I love you from a place of freedom, with past pains behind me now and new beginnings ahead.

One Love

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