Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hey Sacramento...

Is there anyone out there who would like to get involved in helping One Love's new home be a little more livable for Mr. Marley and Me? As you know we are used to being in a little more of a nature setting.  The new park has a lot to offer with lots of nice people.  However, it is a concrete park and Sacramento is Hot Hot Hot, smile.

I have gotten permission from management to build a patio area next to One Love.  So I am looking for materials and help building the structure, fence, planter boxes, etc...  Whatever help is out there is appreciated.

We have a lot of options for improvement with the space we are in and would love
to make this new home a more livable one for Mr. Marley and Me.
It would be really nice for Mr. Marley to have a fenced in area and nice for both of us to have some shade and a little more outside room with some privacy.  I am going to be here a while since I have to get my Knee Surgeries here.  My recovery time will keep me in Sacramento a while.  I plan on getting involved in the Community while I am here and helping in any way I can to improve the level of Love in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

If you would like to get involved or have any materials to donate please email me at  As you know I am single and disabled however, my sons live in this area so I would have help with this project.

Having fun with Jessica playing Makeover Girly Day, haha
This is my 5th location at my 3rd I had a covered patio with lattice walls.  Something similar or a fence with some planter boxes.  Maybe someone has an awning to donate? You never know till you ask, right!

Haha, Jess being a nerd!
Thank you so much for your time and consideration in this part of the Journey.  So far I we are getting settled in and my daughter Jessica has been here to help me and Mr. Marley get set up.  We have been having lots of fun together and it is nice to see the kids.

Gotcha Sleeping Beauty, Wink
I was feeling a little down when I first got here after being away from the City for a while.  The kids all cheered me up and reminded me that there is Love and Beauty everywhere.  Yesterday Jess and I played dress up make over and both did our hair and make up and got dressed like twins and had a blast.  I look forward to this next part of the Journey and believe there is a lot I can learn here and even more so I hope to bring some Love to Sac Town along the way.

I caught Jess on cam and then she caught me recording us the day before yesterday, haha.  We have been having lots of fun after being apart for so long.  We were playing around the day before yesterday taking a break from unpacking.  This is a great example of how Jess and I bring out the silly in each other.  Love ya Jess thank you for being here to help me and Mr. Marley get set up in our new Sac home.

I guess you got me back, haha

I got some cute pics of her sleeping with Mr. Marley and posted them on facebook haha, I just noticed while uploading the pics that she caught me and Marley sleeping last night, lil devil she is haha.    As you can see Mr. Marley is spoiled rotten and gets lots of love, haha.  It is nice, really nice to be near the kids for this part of the Journey.

Have a most blessed day my friends.
One Love

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