Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Journey...

                                      inside of Me!

Letting go of yesterday and moving on in today!
I remind myself this morning that this Journey is not determined by the geographical location of One Love and/or Myself.  This Journey is determined by my ability to learn joy and peace within no matter where or what surrounds me.  Life is full of disappointments, and I have never let myself give up due to those disappointments before.  In life we make choices that do not render the results we anticipated and in reflection see how we could have chose differently.  I think the lesson is not so much in the choice itself as it is in the ability to move on from the choice with a positive attitude and gratitude for the opportunity to have found a lesson in the choice.

Our biggest battle in life is the one we fight within.  Our fear of powerlessness
leads us down a path of inner destruction till we reach the place where we can
either continue on lour path of insanity or jump into the unknown trusting that
it has to be better than the known we have created for ourselves.~ Lelania

I am no longer sulking, no longer kicking myself while down.  I am grateful that today I do not have to go down some downward spiral path over things that do not work out in my life.  No, today I know that it is okay when things do not go as planned and I have it in me to find a new direction that will render the results I want.  Truth is that I am the Journey inside of me and the more I master this truth the closer I get to my souls purpose and the love of Self I seek.

I will be moving off of the Mountain the weekend of the 1st and most likely returning to Tiki Lagun where everybody knows my name, haha.  I miss a lot of people there and look forward to getting back in my old space with my old patio for Mr. Marley in time for the 4th of July Celebrations.

In the mean time I remind myself that by focusing on the here and now I am not consumed by what happened yesterday.  I life lesson I am thankful for learning more about each and ever day.

I hope you all have a great weekend full of Sunshine and Love.

One Love
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