Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One Love needs a Tow

I still need a tow off the Mountain.  Lynette and Rick were so willing to do it regardless of my protests that their truck was not strong enough.  They read the owners manual and realized that their F150 two wheel drive truck is not strong enough to safely tow One Love.  Lynette is upset because she really wants to help me and she shouldn't be.  I totally understand and did not think their truck was enough to tow One Love.

I love you Nettie, no worries my friend.  Together we will pray for a tow for One Love babes and our prayers will be answered if One Love is meant to come down off that Mountain.

I believe that something good has to come out of all of this.  I mean there were so many signs leading me to the Mountain in the first place.  Something good has already came of this however, I have realized that my lesson in this is truly letting go of material possessions and accepting that no matter what happens this Journey is inside of me.  That in it's self is priceless for me.

 One of the reasons I took this Journey was my disgust for how we as a people treat each other over things that we did not come into this world with and certainly will not leave with either.  Living in a world where we value things and status over the relationships in our lives.  A world where we base our value and self worth on our credit scores and portfolios over our character and values in the good and bad times.

If I don't find an F350 to tow One Love than I will accept that and keep on chooglin.  I have learned so much by letting go of the things that I used to think mattered, made me valuable and successful.  Truth is I didn't deserve those things at that point in my life anyways.  I took short cuts to earn them and should have traveled the long road.

Starting this journey without a truck to tow One Love was important in learning how to give up control.  I have been to four locations in five months by trusting my Creator to put me where I am meant to be when I am meant to be there.  I have also had to reach out and ask for help, a vulnerable position for me and one I was not comfortable with at all.  This is the biggest part of that lesson.  Facing that I may lose my home, my last possession is a tough one.  However, it is a lesson I am willing to accept and I trust that if I must learn this lesson it is meant to be this way.

There was a time for me when life was black and white, a time when I had or didn't have.  Happiness in those times was in the haves.  Today life is a rainbow of brilliant colors of joy, joy that lives in me always.  Today...  I have joy!  Lelania

Maybe the only way my value system can truly be revised is to lose it all, I don't know.  I feel like I have truly grasped the truth that things do no define me, are not needed for me to have worth.  I feel like I am learning humbleness, learning how to ask for and accept help.  I hope that I get to keep One Love however, if I do not I know I can face that with courage and strength to continue forward in my growth as a soul in a body rather than a body seeking a soul.

I love you Mr. Marley, thank you for loving me the way you do!
I am sitting on my Sisters deck in the back yard watching the sunrise with Mr. Marley who is always by my side.  It is cold out here and he could be inside, however he stays by my side no matter the weather, no matter where we are.  His love for me is unconditional, never ending.  I strive to love like a puppy dog does, to learn love so true and become the love I was born to be.

Where ever Mr. Marley and I lay our head we are at home with each other always.  I am blessed in many ways this morning and rise giving thanks for all these gifts of life.  I believe in my faith today.  I believe in me to make it trough what ever lies ahead knowing that what matters most is inside me and cannot be lost or taken, today I no longer live giving it away.  Today I live with Joy always.

I love you all from a place of gratitude for what I have inside of me today. Thank you for letting me share this morning.

One Love

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