Saturday, June 2, 2012

Reality Is A Canvas...

... My imagination brilliant colors, Trust in Self and My Creator to Guide My Brush, My Belief in the Powers of the Truth within Me Assures My Ability to Create My Masterpiece and Manifest My Intended Destiny.

Sounds a little Dreamy?  Well that was what today felt like, a dream come true for me.  One of many more to come.  Today was the happiest day of my life.  Today I truly understand the power of positive visualization and overcoming my fears with love of self and all else.

I have been asking the Universe, My Angels, My Creator for some things.  Guidance, Patience, Understanding and the Courage to let heal my pains and overcome my fears with love.  Each lesson given to me I have begun to view more and more as a gift.  Pain and Struggle as the greatest gifts of all as I learn the most from them and get closer to my Soul through healing my pains and rising above my struggles with love.  I have also been asking for a place on a Mountain surrounded by the love of nature where I could still be online to write, have water and electricity.  I have also asked for a few more things that may be answered as well we shall see.

Today I found My Mountain.  Well it is not mine in the sense of ownership, it is mine in the sense of my vision of a place of peace and love with positive energy in abundance, it is my dream of a Mountain.  The Family who owns the Mountain are some of the most amazing people I have ever met.  They share a family love that is so unconditional and pure that you cannot help but feel it's warmth from moment one.

Thank you so much Lynette.  Sharing today with you was a true blessing.  I love you!
Lynette and I started out early this morning and enjoyed a most excitingly joyful drive full of laughter and a knowing that great things lay ahead.  It was in the air and we both felt it.  We arrived at the home of this wonderful family where we were invited in with warmth.  We sat laughing and getting to know each other like old friends catching up.  I wanted to hug them the moment I met them, I felt that close to them instantly.  We saddled up in Our cars and began the next hour of driving up the wondrous mountain side.  I will refer to this wonderful family as the Loves to protect their privacy.

A very spiritual land, a place of magical energy.
The drive was breath taking.  I laughed in joy, cried in joy and felt the most amazing feeling of coming home.  I tried to put into words how I was feeling and Lynette looked at me and said.. "You don't have to tell me, I can see it all over you, it's amazing."  I shot over 400 photos today until my battery died, haha.

Happy Mountains
Throughout the day visiting the mountain starting with the drive up we were blessed with visits from animals.  So taken back by the animals I looked up the their meanings and found messages that again gave me the sense of knowing this part of the Journey was no accident.  I thought it appropriate to look up Indian Medicine Animal Meanings Since this Mountain was the home of many tribes of Indians many moons ago.

First two squirrels crossed the road between their car and Lynette's truck at two different places on the road.  While we were driving at a good speed both squirrels crossed the road between us without harm.

A place of Peace for One Love 
Once we arrived at One Love's soon to be new home we were met by the family dogs who I will be caring for and instantly they took to me, really awesome.  We went into the cabin and saw the most breath taking view of the mountains and in the distance the ocean.  The air was clean and thinner than I am used to.  I felt a little light headed but not in a bad way, in an elevated way.

We loaded up in the family 4 wheel drive vehicle and headed out to take a grand tour of some of the 160 acres of land on the Ranch.  Our first stop was the place they plan to one day build an office.  An amazing piece of land overlooking the valley below toward the East.  Standing there talking in a circle we were visited by a beautiful butterfly that flew right into the center of our circle.  Wow, the colors were brilliant and I felt a strong connection to this beautiful blessing.

Shortly after we were visited overhead by a Vulture, it was huge and soaring in through the sky overhead.  It's wingspan was wide and strong.  This amazing bird felt like a good sign.  The fact that it was a vulture was not a bad feeling to me at all.

We got back in the car and headed down a new road that I hadn't noticed coming that ran beside the cabin.  As we turned the corner of the Cabin Mrs. Love stopped to point out the water tank and septic tank near by when Mr. Love pointed out a Lizard right beside the vehicle, he said... "Look at him he is sitting there looking right at us"  Another great feeling from the welcome crew of Animals that we encountered today.

Mrs. Love drove us through fields and forest filled with old Oak Trees, and so many other trees I have already forgotten their names but will learn them soon.  We got to see the natural spring water running under the mountain after Mrs. Love removed the cover.  It was beautiful to see.

We moved along driving past some trees with such character and brilliant landscapes along the way.  We reached the place they plan to build their dream home one day.  A very sacred piece of land that had magical energy you can feel.  This land is full of spiritual power.  Standing outside the car admiring the wild flowers we were visited by a Falcon who circled overhead a few times.  Again such a strong connection and true sense that none of this was coincidence.

We enjoyed the beautiful ride back after a few hours out and about.  We sat at the cabin talking more about the plans for the move.  Not once did we speak as if this was still undecided.  From moment one we spoke as if the decision had already been made on both sides.  We talked about the connection we felt throughout the visit and while on the Sacred land we hugged and shared some personal details of our lives that showed the instant level of trust we all had to be so open and not feel fear of letting each other get to know each other, in fact we felt as if we already knew each other.  This must be what it is like to meet people you are destined to meet, have known previously in lives, or have the same understanding of us all being one.  This was the most comforting introduction it could have been.  I feel blessed in a new way today, a knowing way.

As Lynette and I drove back to One Love we noticed two hawks flying overhead almost the entire drive which lasted about 3 hours after getting down the Mountain.  We were so taken back by the great birds flying above the whole drive.  What a great omen for this new change in my life.

Love and Respect Mother Nature as Our Mother
I am seeing the sings, the messages, the truth more clearly now than ever.  I have passed some really big tests this month.  Some challenges that could have gone the other way if I had not listened to the voice inside me, if I had not stopped and asked for guidance.  I know today that every blessing given to me were gifts for rising above my fears, challenging my old thinking and having the courage to let go and give it all up to My Creator.  I truly understand the power of positive visualization and love today.

I hope my dreams tonight are as amazing as my dreams coming true today were.

The Acorn Wood Pecker's Acorns placed in a tree, Awesome

One Love has a new home and will be moving soon.  How soon depends on my ability to afford this move and some needed things like for starters some good shoes because flip flops are not the business, haha.  I am not worried though.

I prayed about it on the way home and again here in One Love and know that the Universe is making way right now for those prayers to be answered.


Have a most blessed night, I love you from a place of confidence to speak all these truths without fear of what limited thinking may take from this.  I know all these truths to be the result of letting go of my fears and filling my heart with love.

And the Journey continues on a new and adventurous path bringing me closer to nature and the Heavens atop a Mountain of great magical energy.

One Love

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