Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saying Goodbye...

                             ... Only means we are walking our paths and that is okay.

Last night Gia and I said our goodbyes.  She found a path of her own that will lead her to where she wants to be in life.  I am very happy for Gia and will miss her cheerful and sincere personality.  She brought me to tears when she told me I have taught her a very valuable lesson about letting go of fear and opening up. She said she plans to keep working on overcoming her own fears and learning to share more of herself with others in her life.

Gia is a very private person who preferred I didn't blog much about her.  She is a Scorpio and very cautious in trusting others.  I have had some pretty close people in my life who are Scorpios so I understand the need for trust for them to open up.  Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs if you ask me.  They have a bad reputation but they are not bad people in fact quite the opposite.  I know that when you ask a Scorpio how they are they can tend to act like you want a sample of their DNA, haha.  Beneath that mysterious exterior are some really loyal and honest people who just want to make sure they are not being fooled by someone before they open up.

When Gia first came here she was so quite and still was at the end with most others.  However, she had opened up to me and even hugged me on a few occasions.  Yesterday she really hugged me and she cried when she shared the impact I have had on her life in the short time she was with me.  I am blessed to have been able to be here for a very wonderful young woman who has a really bright future ahead of her.

Ready to Go, Yaaay
I have been up since 3:30, haha I'm not excited about today at all right, wink.  I went to sleep later than normal last night due to some great conversations with some of my favorite people here.  Rick the head of maintenance came by to see if I was interested in a blackberry plant.  I told him about the Ranch, told him about the pro's and con's so far.  One con being a need a generator.  Rick also brought me to tears when he told me he has one I can have if I decide to go up to the Mountain Side to search my soul some more.  I was really shocked, generators are really expensive.  I promised to repay him one day and he said absolutely not.  He has no need for it and I deserve it were his words.  Rick has become a really good friend to me, one who I treasure and will miss much when I leave.

My friend the Big Kahuna came by also and sat on the porch with me while I told him about today.  He shared some valuable words and lessons with me and said he really thinks that if this location will work I need to go.  He said he will miss me but knows that this is my Journey and he being older has walked most of his and learned many lessons about life.  He has been of great counsel to me here and I will really miss his wise advise and awesome spirit.  I love that guy a whole big bunch, he gives the best hugs.

Lynette came by to confirm our depart time this morning and also gave me a couple great big hugs thanking me for some advice I gave her recently that really helped her to do some soul searching of her own.  I really didn't give her any advice I just shared a story of my own that was similar to hers and what worked for me.  She found the answer inside of her that was there all along.  She told me she is beginning to love self more now and thanked me for helping her to see the value in that.  I cried again.

Geez these people at this location sure know how to make a gal cry, haha.  A great night and the start to a new day that is already feeling wonderful.  I have this comfort in life most days that all things are as they are meant to be, as if this path was already laid out and all I had to do was take the first few steps of letting go of that fear in my heart and embracing some love for self and the rest was destined to move forward with help from me of course.  I think we all have a path designed just for us, a gift and all we need to do is realize the power of us, the power of love and we can manifest a most beautiful path of learning, loving and truly living by making the choice to let go of the fears that cripple us.  No longer held back we begin to express ourselves in new ways that allow us to become the us we were born to be, woo hoo!

Have a blessed day my friends I will be back later tonight to tell you all about my day and what things are looking like for the next location of One Love.

One Love
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