Sunday, June 17, 2012

Staying Positive

I am happy to say that despite where I am at right now my spirits are in a great place.  I feel blessed to be learning control over my emotions and can see the huge difference in me when compared to how I have dealt with tough situations in the past.

I recognize that I can only do what I can do about this situation.  Even more so I know I am only accountable for my actions, words and thoughts.  I think that maybe I am finding the lesson in this unfortunate place I have found myself in.  I think the lesson is that possessions, even One Love which happens to be my home and all I own are only possessions.  They are things that can be taken, can be lost, can be destroyed.  The things that cannot be taken from me are here with me, my strength, my courage, my inner peace and joy.

While I am scared to lose my home my focus is on not losing track of how far I have come on this Journey.  I have to overcome this like all other things and do so without giving up faith in others and myself.  I believe in love still and that is all that matters.  Some will call me crazy for feeling this way and I am okay with that.  Some will get it and I am happy about that.  When the day ends I was not born with things and cannot leave with them.  The way we as people treat each other over things and possessions, the justifications we use to be spiteful and harmful to others are some of the reasons I came to the place where I began this journey for One Love with One Love.

I cannot let myself give up now and have to say that at this very moment I am super proud of me for where I am at and how I am dealing with this.  If I can do this I believe I can do anything I set my mind to.  Today I want to thank so many people who reached out to say that they love me and support me and this journey.  I appreciate your wishes and prayers.

It also has been brought to my attention that giving a general location of One Love is a good idea so that I can be more effective in finding help with a tow and/or legal advice on my rights as a tenant of the ranch where One Love is stuck for the time being.

One Love is located at the top of the Upper Carmel Valley Mountains.  The dirt road up is approximately a 5 mile drive of very narrow, sharp and steep turns.  The owners were able to tow me up the Mountain almost effortlessly driving a F350 stick shift in granny low taking it slow.  We made each turn fine without incident.  So if anyone has a similar truck that is a stick or has really good new brakes as the brakes are an issue coming down especially in an automatic with all the weight of the trailer.

I have several photos of the location of One Love if you want to get a better idea of what the road conditions are or where you would be hooking it up at to tow it away.

Thank you all so much for your love and support.  Your phone calls, letters and messages have reminded me that this too shall pass and the Journey is within me, within us all.  We are not defined by the things we own, the houses we live in or the cars we do or in my case don't drive, haha.  We are defined by who we are inside, our intents, thoughts and actions towards ourselves and others.  Learning that has made dealing with this possible and for that I am truly blessed.
No matter what goes on outside of us, Joy is in us always available!

I love you all from a place of acceptance of the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference!

One Love
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