Monday, June 4, 2012

Tiny Dancer

I am my Sister's keeper and she mine.  It has always been that way.  From the beginning of this life and possibly many before.  We are that close.  We had a really funny conversation on Facebook today that perfectly shows the way we are together, apart and as one.

Here are the screen shots of that killer conversation that we both took lessons from.  Throughout our lives my Sister and I have learned many lessons together.  We have a bond that cannot be broken by anything.

I rewrote the conversation below each picture for translation sake.

Lelania~ "Amo Frances Cebollas Fritas!!!"

Tamar~  "Don't know what it says, but I like it!"

Lelania~  "Bahahahah, It says "I love French Fried Onions" Oh I love them a loooooot"

Tamar~  "Oh, never mind, that sounds gross! ;)"

Lelania~  "yeah, see now there you go.  You liked the words French and Onions yes? You dislike the word fried.  So the one word cancels out the two you like.  Hmmmm.  You liked them all when you did not know what they were.  Maybe we should read everything in life like a foreign language.  Thank you for a valuable lessons Smart Skinny Sissy"

"I love you Sis, as much as a banana slug, hehe

Lelania~  "Do you remember how much we loved Banana Slugs when we were growing up in Santa Cruz?  Funny cause they were kinda slimy things but we loved Bananas and we loved yellow.  And we were so fascinated by the bright yellow on the brown bark of the trees they slithered slowly across.  If we didn't see the color yellow, or associate the word banana or didn't find interest in the slow movement of the Slug and it were only a Slug would we have loved them as much?"

Tamar~  "You know what is really pissing me off?! As we get older my memory gets worse and yours gets better!  You are an oxymoron!!

Lelania~  "Yay, I have been called crazy, a sell out and now I am a great and wondrous Oxymoron.  I  think all those things are the best compliments of all of my days.  You are only forgetting the things in our past because you remembered them long enough and now it is time to create new memories.  I am only remembering them now because I avoided them for too long and now I am healing the pain many of them held so I too can create new memories.  We are one in the same and I love you more than you know, and then more that that."

Tamar~  "Stop it! You're freaking me out!  That was so true and amazing - what have you done with my stupid sister?????"

Lelania~  "See Sister we are both letting go of the past in our own ways.  The same destination awaits two separate journeys.  We walk all our paths the same yet we usually only see the ones that mirror each other.  The ones that are on opposite sides of the spectrum are equal in weight, they are the parts of the paths we took on our own together if you know what I mean.  I am so blessed to have my Journey in life run along side yours this life time and many before I suspect."

"Bahahhahahah, Yeah change feels all icky at first, but when you try it on it feels real warm and fuzzy like.  Your Dumb Stupid Sister is Waking Up.  Thank you for waiting for me."

Lelania~ "Remember the night you sat on the Fire Ant Hill that day? That night in the tent, do you remember it? We take turns praying for each other Sissy, Your pain mind and my pain yours. Remember when you stood by my side when I had no one to encourage me in the scariest place at that time. You held me up, I hold you up! Now remember the times we weren't there for each other? Can you think of one time? NO. While there are times we were along dealing with the scary parts in life did either of us ever feel the other was not there? NO. We were always there in our hearts even in the times we were not there in the physical sense. That my Sister is Unconditional Love. That is US!!!"

BTW for the record the typo's are only there so that you can still feel smarter that your dumb stupid sister, hahahahahahahaha

That and this whole DNA Activation thing going on inside of me, my words cannot keep up with my feelings these days. I need a damn voice recorder, haha.

I'm listening to "Tiny Dancer" it just came on. I am crying tears of great Joy at this Moment and my heart is full of so much love for you Tamar. Thank you for being my Dumb Stupid Sister

Amo a mi hermana!!!

Throughout Our lives together my Sister and I have switched roles many times.  Sometimes she the older and wiser sometimes I.  We take turns being the Dumb Stupid one and turns being the one to lift each other up when needed.  Throughout all of these changes of roles one thing remains constant, Our love for each other.  It never fades, it knows no disappointments and no regrets.

Today I am learning to love me the same way I have always loved her.  Today is a great day for her and I both.

One Love
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