Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tomorrow Is Tow Day, Yay!!

At about 8:00 am we will be packing up One Love and hitching her up to be towed down the Mountain.  I have gone through a series of emotions the past couple of weeks over being away from the trailer that I have come to love as my home.  These emotions have all been great for me as I learned some valuable lessons this month throughout these challenges and changes.  The owner of the property cancelled her day to be available to meet us at the ranch so we could make this happen.  I am very grateful for that and for the fact that things have been resolved for the owners of the property and for myself and One Love.

I am proud to be at a place where I can recognize my emotions and help them to serve rather than hinder my growth.  Truly understanding that no matter what is going on around me I and only I have the power to go through it all with a positive attitude and inner joy.  I know that many out there are going through their own hardships, there is much chaos in the world.  People are losing their jobs, homes, relationships begin and end, mistakes and bad choices are made, etc...  whatever challenges you face remember that how they affect you is up to you.  I know that some will say... "easier said than done".  Not true, honestly it is easier to go through the rough times in life with a positive attitude than it is with a negative one.  That is one of the most valuable lessons I learned in this.

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There are so many external things happening in life that are out of our control some days, weeks, months... However, our feelings and attitude is in our control always.  It takes practice, eventually though that practice forms habit.  I like forming good habits in life they pay off in ways bad ones never did.  The reality is that in tough times if we let our dread over them get to us we only invite more struggle, more hardship to overcome.  The energy we put out is what we get back in life, so putting out positive thoughts brings back positive results.  Even if the results aren't always what we expect them to be, if we have the ability to trust that the Universe knows what it is doing we can accept all things in life with a good attitude and we have lost nothing that really matters.

I found a park in Sacramento that is really good priced, less rent than the last one I was at and not to far from my Sons and Grand Children.  As much as I wanted to stay in Santa Cruz I realize that a place not coming available means I am meant to be else where right now and will accept that and choose to see the positive in it.  I am excited about spending some time with my grandkids and kids and can't wait to see Kim and my nephew Tre'.  If I am meant to come back to Santa Cruz eventually than I will.  In the mean time either place is a good place to get my needed surgeries as I have support in both areas.

onelovejourney2012, jojo williams, one love journey, friendship quotes
Friendship~ A bond of two souls outlasting distance or time!
I will miss my Sister and her family.  I have felt sad over leaving them the past day, especially my oldest nephew who I have always been super close to.  It is okay though, I am blessed to not need to avoid my feelings of being sad over missing them.  I know it is okay to be sad some days.

I am learning that life is a series of feelings and emotions and I do not need to avoid some feelings and chase others.  A lesson that enables me to embrace all feelings as needed and wonderful.  If you think about it they are all equally moving, fear and love are equally strong and moving emotions.  Loss and gain as well.  Viewing them all as valuable takes away the need in life to avoid pain and seek love and in that I can feel love always and that rocks.

I am super excited about getting back into One Love.  I miss my nightly candle lighting for Stella and my music collection.  I miss watching the sunrise out of the window with the smell of coffee brewing behind me and I miss my big cozy comfy pillow top mattress with the ridiculous amount of pillows on it, haha.

I miss One Love and can't wait to have my home back.  I learned a lot while away from her.  Almost losing her really helped me to appreciate a lot of things about life, helped me to understand that everything in life comes and goes, how we accept that and rise above it is all that matters.

We all think about giving up at times
that only means that moving ahead
is going to render even better results!
Material possessions, even our homes do not define us, nor do they bring us happiness if losing them takes all the happiness away.  True security is in the knowing that I am complete and whole within myself.  This has been the best lesson so far on this Journey, one I will cherish even more than I cherish getting my home back.

There was a moment or two I thought about throwing in the towel, lost my belief in myself to overcome any obstacle in my path.  That moment came and went.  I was tested in a way that helped me to see that I have gained so much in my self growth that even the threat of losing my home cannot take that away from me.  I will keep following my dreams, believing in my ability to achieve them and our ability as the whole to change our world together... One People of One World for One Love!!!

Have a most magnificent day my friends, I love you from a place of celebration for the challenges that shape and build our character with no need to avoid those challenges in life anymore.

One Love

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