Saturday, June 16, 2012

What are my rights?

I am telling myself that whatever is meant to happen will happen in this situation.  I have been very vague on why things did not work out on the Mountain out of respect for the Owners of the Ranch.  It is my attitude to be accountable for my actions on this journey and speak only on the lessons I learned without pointing fingers directly at anyone.

The truth of the matter is that we all agreed that I would care for the dogs on the ranch, a service needed due to the many other residents of the Mountains complaints and irritation with the animals being abandoned for a week or more at a time and roaming the mountain freely as well as barking all hours of the night. I was introduced to several of the Mountain tenants as the new caretaker so that they would not report her for abandoning her animals.

 In exchange for being there to oversee the dogs they agreed to provide me with internet, solar energy, water and sewage.  Of all the promises made the only one kept was water.  I have emails and a witness to the fact that these promises were made and that the owner knew about my disabilities before I moved to the Mountain.  The Female owner is now claiming she had  no knowledge of my disabilities which is completely false as she herself offered the help of her husband who is a doctor in finding me good medical care for my health concerns in front of Lynette and while at the residence they live in off of the Mountain I talked with her husband about his being a doctor and my upcoming surgeries, Lynette was also present for this conversation as well.

They did install the internet tower as promised but then turned it off saying they only wanted me to use it when they came up and then only for an hour at a time.  I secured my own internet through a two year contract with Verizon but needed to move my trailer to higher ground for reception and was denied that request.  They purchased a 55 watt solar system for my use however I was parked in the shade and the wires were to short to run the system in the sun.  I had a friend who has worked for PG&E for 28 years come with extra wire to help me get the system set up only to find out the system was not strong enough to run my computer, in fact it was not strong enough to run much more than a light bulb.  He was confused as to why they did not want me using their much larger solar system and said the whole point of these systems is use.  You cannot store energy only charge batteries with these systems which the system will do both during sunlight hours so me using it would cause no harm and cost the owners nothing.  Yet they did not want me using it.  I was told before coming up I would be provided with a wagon tank for sewage dumping only to be told once on the mountain that tank no longer existed and they would eventually get another one.  In the mean time I was washing my dishes and taking showers outside in hopes to not fill my tanks sooner than they provided the tanks promised.  I was also promised access to one of the ranch vehicles, a jeep.  For the use of exploring the mountain and help with getting around from the ranch to the base of the mountain only.  I was told the jeep would be repaired promptly as it was a small repair and I would have access so that I would not be stuck in the event of a forest fire and would be able to explore for writing sake.

I tried to resolve these issues mostly by finding my own solutions, I stocked up on gas for my generator but it was taking so long to post due to the sketchy signal for internet so I had to run the generator for 3 hours a day and the generator is old so I was going through about $25 a day in gas and running out quickly.  I offered to have a friend try to move me to the upper driveway only to be talked to horribly and accused of ridiculous claims and told that nothing is to be done without her there and she had no plans of coming up any time soon.  At that point I lost trust in her for her disregard for my concerns and her obligation to meet my basic needs and decided to leave to come to my sisters till resolved.  Her attitude worsened and she started complaining about my disabilities and saying this may not work out.  I cannot live like that.  I did nothing to warrant her sudden change of attitude and did not want to live wondering what was next so I decided to look for a new home and notified her of that and nicely asked for help getting One Love to the base of the Mountain.  She owns a healthy F350 that is a stick and a stick is what is needed to take the trailer down the hill as the 7000 lbs of weight will be to much on anyone else I know who has a truck brakes.

This woman presented herself to me and Lynette as such a good person.  She told me she had read my blog and the story of Stella and was touched and wanted to get involved.  She mislead me greatly and now has no need for me so her true colors are showing through.  She told me she received several letters from people who read her ad saying she was crazy for expecting someone to stay on the ranch for her without pay.  I was happy to do so without pay as long as the bare necessities I needed and was promised were provided.  Her ex husband who is half owner of the land tried to help on my last day there by calling me due to her being upset by my requests to have a friend help me out till she could come up and was told by him that she is very territorial over her land and things and has a tendency to flip out like that.  I think that she honestly is not ready to have someone on her land and expects something for nothing.  Anyway you calculate it she is certainly not accountable for her actions in the area of how she treats people.  She knows my situation and knew it before I arrived and now is treating me horribly with no concern for the fact that One Love is all I own.

Now I find myself in a position that I do not know how to help myself out of.  The three owners of the property One Love is stuck on are well versed on the law in matters like this as two of them are in fact attorneys and the third a doctor.  I do not know the laws that apply to this situation.  Nor do I have the funds to find out my rights regarding my property and One Love.

I have no one to tow me down the rough dirt road from the top of the Mountain.  I do have someone to tow me away from the bottom and asked very nicely if the owners could tow me down in the same truck they towed me up in, one of the Ranch trucks.  I was told via email today that they were unwilling and unable to help me with a tow and they want One Love removed promptly as it is a nuisance to them now.

If there is an attorney reading this who can offer me advice or a tow company reading who can help me with a tow please contact me.  I am without any money at this time and One Love is the only thing I own so I do not have funds to pay for any help or advice offered.

I am learning on this Journey to reach out and ask for help without being ashamed and this is one time I have to put my pride aside and say I really need some help so if anyone out there can help me I would very much appreciate your help. Thank you.

One Love

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