Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You may say I'm a Dreamer...

                                              ... But I'm not the only one~

Lantern      ~ Check/Check
Flashlight  ~ Check/Check
Batteries    ~ Check/Check
Propane     ~ Check/Check
Courage     ~ Check/Check

Okay guys I think I am ready to go, haha!

So today is the Big Day for Mr. Marley and I.  No more tangled leads for Marley and that is one of my happiest changes.  I picture him running free on these magical lands with the three wonderful Aussies up there.  Who by the way I am totally counting on to finish training Marley for me, wink.

I will not have internet for maybe the first week so we will be out of touch.  I will be writing daily and taking lots of pictures for ya'll.  But won't be able to post till the new internet tower is up and running.  I actually think some time without all this technical stuff will be a great break for me.  I am excited about getting out of the microwave oven, haha.

What I am most excited about is that I am heading up the Mountain today with my worries put to rest.  I have been going through this cleansing phase of my journey for some time now and honestly look forward to soaking up some of the rewards for doing the work of healing my pains and facing my fears.

The past three months here at Tiki Lagun and Marina in Stockton, Ca. have been great for me.  I have made some great friends who I will miss much.  Adrianne you my dear were the first to greet me with your bright and cheerful heart.  Being with you has helped me feel that my sister was with me here.  Thank you to you and Scott for watching the Eclipse with me on the Docks.  Today is the Venus Transit.  A time for new beginnings for us both.  Enjoy your new adventure also.

For any travelers out there who want to make a stop in this area of Northern California.  Tiki Lagun Rocks.  I loved this island on the Delta.  If you stay here ask for Sparky, he can solve any and all your technical problems, haha.  Tell him JoJo sent you, he will love that.  Wink.

I have grown very attached to the trees here.  I spent time listening to them sway in the wind each day. Went around the park removing any wires wrapped around them.  Sparky honey remember to get that nail out of the Big One.  Thank you my friend.

Magical Mountain here we come.  I am as eager to get to you as you are to greet me.  At the same time I am not rushing at all.  I have a sense of peace this move that I have not had the past three locations.  I feel like I am going home is the only way I can explain it.

Until we talk again my friends please send me your positive thoughts and love for a safe journey.  I will be sending my love back to all of you also.  I hope your days are full of adventures of your own, full of inner peace and joy as this phase of times of great change begins.  I love you~

One Love
Lelania and Marley

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