Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Community that Dreams Together....

                                                                         ...Grows Together!!!

I slept dreaming of rich soil, dark green leaves, bright flowers, the scent of herbs surrounded me.  I heard laughter, felt love and community.  A great dream that was a continuance of a great day.

Theresa, Jim, Peggy Sue and William discussing plans for the Community Garden 
There are moments in life when you realize that all is exactly how it is intended to be, doors open and a new beginnings reveal themselves.  My new friend Peggy Sue and I have been building that door the past couple of days.  With the help of the park owner Jim, Peggy Sue's Dad William and one of her sisters Theresa we opened the door last night and laid the plans for the "Recycled Organic Community Garden".

Peggy Sue

All of our faces lit up with excitement as we worked together putting together a plan for growth and change.  Our goal is to build a community garden made from recycled items, growing organic fruits and vegetables.  Peggy Sue and I spent the day brainstorming ideas for what recyclables we could use for planter boxes and beds.  This being a concrete park we needed to come up with ideas that would hold the soil and represent our mission and message.

Peggy Sue, shared with me that many have thought here weird for being the hippie at heart she has always been.  At her young age of 20 she is a old hippie soul who loves all life and  views the world through Rosie eyes of love.  A true blessing meeting this amazing young woman who recently moved here from Kentucky with her two sisters Theresa and Wendy and awesome father who loves his daughters greatly!  When I asked them what brought them to Sacramento from Kentucky they said "something just told them it was a good idea to come"  they sold and gave away pretty much everything the owned, bought a travel trailer and headed here of all places.  We all laughed together as I told them my similar story.  Some times things just feel like they were meant to happen if you know what I mean.  The girls want to help me finish the tree of life on One Love, that rocks!

Picture we found on the net that created the idea of pallets for us!
We started searching ideas on Google for creative recycle ideas for gardening and found some really cool ideas.  Then we searched the Craigslist free section for materials and struck it rich.  We found someone giving away 50 pallets and today we are hoping to pick them up.

Recycled Tires as Flower Planters found online!  Love em!
We also plan to go to the used tire business around here and see if they have any unusable tires to donate to our community garden.  We haven't found soil yet however, we are confident that we will.  Jim already purchased a bunch of seeds.  And plans for a green house made of recycled materials are in discussion for the near future as well so that we can grow year round.  Jim even discussed his desire to create a common area for nightly community cookouts.  How Awesome Right!

What a great day!
Some other really cool things happened yesterday too.  While Mr. Marley, Peggy Sue and I were walking around the park looking for a potential spot for the garden before we presented our plan to Jim I made some new friends.  One whose name is David, he is also disabled and was proudly sporting his new electric chair he just got yesterday.  He noticed my wheelchair and let me know that he still has his old chair that needs a little engine work.

 William who is a mechanic offered to fix the engine with David so he can gift me the chair.  Wow, how cool is that.  I have been feeling really stuck here, having trouble getting rides to the store and feeling pretty down and disconnected.

Theresa and Jim, my new friends, Yeah!
Well all that turned around in just a couple of days.  An electric chair would mean I can ride around the park, ride up to the corner store, take Marley on walks around the neighborhood and more.  I am super excited about the new chair and feel so blessed to be making such awesome new friends.

Where I felt alone and down missing the nature I grew accustomed to be surrounded by I now have new friends and we are working together to bring nature right here.  God is good and the Universe knows what it is doing.

I now know why my journey led me back here.  I needed the time away for my growth, time for healing and letting go of the past and relationships that did not serve my growth.  Now I am back with a zest for nature, love and life to share with new friends seeking to share the same.

My new friend David!
Just now as I was writing this David stopped by to talk about the chair he is gifting me.  One of the first things he said to me was...  "God is Good".  I laughed and told him I had just wrote that on my blog, we both laughed and agreed that God sure is Good!

Loving Change, Loving Life!

One more thing about yesterday...  I got rid of my microwave!  I learned about the radiation levels it puts in our food and decided that I can heat up my food the old fashioned way.  One more step in saying goodbye to toxins.  I am feeling really good about that decision and not at all worried about a little more work to eat a little more healthy.

It's going to be a great day folks, think positive thoughts for us to work everything out for picking up the pallets so we can get this ball of new beginnings rolling.  I love ya'll from a place of knowing that when things seem to be going wrong they are going exactly right.  Lessons and gifts in every moment, learning to appreciate that helps doors to be opened.  Have a great day!

One Love

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