Friday, July 6, 2012

Could you be loved?

I had a short debate on Facebook with a complete stranger that prompted long thoughts.  So first I would like to thank the stranger for igniting much consideration into the difference between the effects of positive thoughts and negative ones.

Photos were posted by one of my favorite pages.  The photos were of a Circumhorizontal Arc over Europe.  A circumhorizontal arc is an optical phenomenon - an ice-halo formed by plate-shaped ice crystals in high level cirrus clouds.  A beautiful rainbow in clouds reaching up to the heavens was the image I saw.  Many saw beauty, natures beauty.  Some saw chem trails.

What was seen by both sides was not the only difference in opinion.  Both sides saw something different.

One side saw what the poster posted, trusted that the poster knew what these beautiful clouds were and took joy in the phenomenon.  Those who replied seeing the beauty added more beauty to the thread with their comments.

One side saw not beauty, but rather saw danger.  I am not sure how many if any of them took the time research the photo before discounting the posters knowledge of the origin of the photo and posting negative thoughts on the thread but no evidence of their claim was shared.  Not only did they feel the need to discount the photo some also felt the need to insult other posters for thinking positive or seeing the beauty in the photo.

One poster went so far as to say that positive thinkers are the reason evil is allowed to prosper.  Claimed one of the person posting that others should think positive was the most ignorant person he has ever encountered.  I was the person posting that we should be cautious of negative thinking.  Mind you we have never met, and this view of me was formed off of one comment I made about thinking positive.  From that comment he concluded that I refuse to acknowledge the existence of negative things in the world as a cowardice way to cope, a cop out from being affected by them or having any responsibility in stopping them from happening.

I was not offended or wounded by his insults.  In fact his summary of me helped me to quickly see that he very strongly needed to protect his need to believe that these photos were of a threat and could not be a beautiful work of nature.  He completely missed my point on being cautious of the effects that negative thinking has on us.  His view of the photos being a threat led him to the conclusion that I also was a threat, in fact I was part of the reason these threats are allowed to continue by his comment.

Without realizing what he did, he strongly supported my comment that we should think positive.  I never said be unaware of the risks in life, the threats in life.  I myself am aware that there are chem trails, there is poison in our food, there are conspiracies happening as we speak.  My choice to trust the poster and see the beauty in the photos was not evidence of the many things he accused me of, yet he felt so righteous in accusing me of these things to support his claim that these pictures are a danger.

That's what happens when we operate from a place of fear.  We can acknowledge the evils in the world, be aware that they are there without losing our ability to trust in the beauty of the world.  I know that there are dangers in the world, I chose not to live in fear over them as living in fear prompts negative thinking and negative thinking prompts fear.  A vicious circle of thinking that leads us down a path of only seeing the enemy.

The poster saw me as the enemy.  I never insulted him, never challenged him.  I only suggested that we should be careful of our thoughts being negative or positive.  See from my thinking it takes courage to put fears aside and trust in the beautiful things and people in life.  Trusting is not an act of cowardice, it is an act of courage.  Faith is an act of courage, believing in the good that can be hard to see in these times takes courage of heart, takes love.

I woke up this morning listening to Bob Marley and the song "Could you be loved" came on.  The verse... "don't let them fool ya" sang in my ears.. "or even try to skool ya" sang in my ears... "could you be loved"... "and be loved"... "don't let them change ya, or even rearragne ya... we've got a life to live"... "could you be loved, and be loved?"

I thought more about the effects of negative and positive thinking, the effects of living in fear and living in love as I listened to the Legend Bob Marley preach on about being love, being loved.  I thought about the debate and the poster who insulted me, I didn't feel anger this morning over the insults as I didn't when I read them.  I had to say to self... "Self, you really are getting this love stuff aren't you, you rock self"  I feel gratitude and love for the poster, I also feel sad that he is stuck in a place that blinds his view of the beauty in the world and the people around him.  Sad that to him I am part of the cause of the things he fears.  Sad that he doesn't realize I love him too.  I wondered can he be loved? I know I couldn't when I lived in a place of fear of the beauty of life and love.

I felt joy for the place I am in today, joy for my ability to no live by my fears as I used to.  I can educate myself on the bad things happening in the world and do my part by continuing to love and trust in the good that is everywhere around us without being blinded by fears.  That is the ability to be love, to be loved.

See I am learning that without love I cannot be loved.  I had to start this journey of self love to get that.  Seeing the rewards of challenging myself to overcome my fears and conditional thinking enables me to see the beauty in the world.  While I know there is risk and danger also, I am no longer imprisoned by it the way the forces that be intend for us all to be.  Because really that is where they gain their power, through  our fears that lead us to do things like form snap judgements of others and insult people we could have shared a difference of opinion with both gaining new insight into the others views.

Positive thinking is not the denial of what threats there in life, it is the acceptance that those threats do not control us.  In order to get that though, we have to challenge our fears with the courage to do so.

I love you all from a place of gratitude for my ability to continue to find inner peace and joy in this world full of both threats and beauty.  May my eyes always be open to both.

One Love

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