Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day O

I could barely fall asleep laying in bed with a zillion thoughts crossing my mind, exiting thoughts of realization.  The realization that I have a new future ahead of me, the realization of my ability to create the present I am living today because I was open to change and made the choice to change.

Me willing the Delivery man to arrive, hahaha
I sat outside last night with my neighbor Karen while the sun set and talked about our lives, our children and I told her about my challenge and the Journey so far.  For a minute while sitting there I drifted off and had a vision of me in the future and it hit me all of a sudden... "wow self, we have a new future ahead of us!" I caught a glimpse of that new future and a smile came over my face and I understood the power of Gratitude.

After saying goodbye to Karen I sat down in One Love and prayed for a moment giving thanks for all that I have at this moment, giving thanks for learning gratitude for all that I have at this moment.  Giving thanks for the lessons that have brought me here to this moment of loving me.

I got online and worked on my plan for today, today is Day One of my 90 day challenge.  I am waking up now with a cup of coffee while talking to you.  Before I got of the computer last night me and my Sister chatted on Facebook for a while, both super juiced about our own and each others 90 day ViSalus challenges, both of us super excited and both of us expressing love for each other.

Dear God, can you please ask the delivery man to put the pedal
to the medal and bring forth my Transformation Kit, thank you
that is all for now, smile!
Tamar said some things to me touched my heart, her pride in the new me gave me even more joy and gratitude for being able to come this far emotionally and spiritually in such a short time.  We laughed, we also came up with a new nickname for each other... "BSS" Beautiful Smart Sister!  We decided a new nickname was in order to celebrate how far we have both come in loving ourselves.

Getting my pout on, hehe
My Sister had a revelation yesterday too.  She was trying to find a fat picture of herself for her challenge channel and couldn't find one.  She realized she has never been fat, maybe out of shape but never fat.  I laughed and said "Duh, DSS (dumb stupid sister), seriously are really just realizing this? "Yes" she said!  Well Awesome I replied and we agreed that we will still be DSS sometimes and that is okay.

Where the heck is he already?

I got my Transformation Kit yesterday, it came really late; after 7pm.  I anxiously waited all day, took funny pictures of me willing the delivery man to arrive.  Had moments of pouting and moments of laughing at myself for pouting over the delivery, haha

And When it arrived I made my Day 0 video...

Please remember to go to this link so you can vote on my video.
Together with my dedication and your votes 
I can win this Challenge!
(: Challenge Channel Link :)

I had to get real with me to start becoming the
real me! 
I made more plans in my dreams, seriously.  Have you ever done that, woke up while your still dreaming and planning in your dreams, haha.  I am sure you know what I am talking about.  I am starting my day with my senior yoga video my Mom sent me, then a shake.  I will make a video today as this is Day One and I want to share it with you all.  For now I am going to finish waking up with Mr. Marley who is by my side stretching and yawning.
I appreciate you all supporting me through this challenge~ Thank you so much.  Losing this weight is just another part of really loving me, see I don't need it anymore.  It was my protection, I am learning about that and now that I am loving myself I am not so scared of the world, of anything.  I want to live, fully and do all the things my heart desires.

Stella is coming this weekend, I can't wait to see her.  I have been missing her bunches.  She has gotten so big, and this she is walking and talking now.  This will be an awesome visit.  I will share it with you all too.

Look at Momma's big girl walking tall, can't wait to see you baby, love you so much!
I love you all from a place of gratitude for the here and now and pure excitement for our futures, there is a lot of good things going on out there in the world.  All over the world things are changing, I have a few articles to share with you later that I think will encourage you the way they did me. 

Have a great day my friends, the day is yours to do with what you wish.  Own it, live it and love it!
One Love

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