Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dreams are the seeds of change...

...Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream.~  Debby Boone

 Peggy Sue and I both woke with a feeling of defeat this morning as our plans did not as hoped yesterday.  We did not get the pallets we had hoped to get.  We both had our dreams set high for this Community Organic Garden and Beautification Project we have begun planning here.

There is more to life than increasing its speed~ Mahatma Gandhi
I woke early and sat feeling lost, cried a bit and then decided I need to seek counsel.  Being it was only 5:00 am calling someone wasn't looking like the best plan so I went to Google and typed in "Gandhi" and hit images.  I started clicking on images of Gandhi that moved me and went to those websites. From those great images of him I found some awesome websites with like minded people all seeking to affect change in our world.

I stopped on one for a while and read prayers in the form of questions to God.  I found myself meditating and praying while tears poured from my heart and I asked God to help me remove my doubts in myself and my abilities to help myself in others in this world.

After a while of moving prayer my phone rang and it was my friend Lavada.  We talked for a while and during our conversation she said to me these words that I added my own words to and together we formed our daily affirmation as we both are doubting ourselves right now...

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in
their mission can alter the course of history.~ Mahatma Gandhi
Daily Affirmation:
I don't worry, I wonder!
I'm not scared, this is scary!

I remember that I am not these fears I have these fears and I not being them can overcome them with the strength of Love that I AM!

Awesome words for us both this morning.  After getting off the phone I thanked God for sending her to me at just the right moment and said aloud to myself... "God is Good"

Theresa and Peggy Sue planting our first plant for the Community!
Now feeling much better, feeling my doubts subside I got things cleaned up, took my shower and sat down and wrote Peggy Sue on Facebook telling her how I felt waking up and the new revelation I had come to, that being that while we did not get accomplished what we had hoped to get accomplished we did have one little plant to plant and some bags of seeds.  She said she was feeling the same and wanted to get an early start before the heat and a day of busy duties came into play.

These girls are just plain amazing young women with pure hearts!

Her and Theresa came over and we saddled up and headed outside to plant our first plant.  We were joined by Gladys and Sherry two awesome new friends here in the park who have been long time residents and whom I look forward to getting to know much better.

Gladys and Sherry, two awesome women I am blessed to have met!
We all laughed as the the girls worked together planting our first plant.  I swept up the left over dirt and we all smiled at our pretty new plant feeling like we have begun now.

Off the girls ran as they have plans to volunteer today, my electric chair is not ready yet so I cannot accompany them as they are riding their bikes down the bike trail.  Soon, it will be though and I can go volunteer with them.  We talked this morning about finding homeless shelters and nursing homes in the area we can also volunteer at.

We planted a seed today in our hearts, one that reminded us that though our dreams are big we can reach them by being content to start small and work with what we have today.  

Friends helping each other grow is what life is all about~

Thank you for joining us today, may your day be blessed with seeds of love that grow from within.

One Love

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