Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Am...

                                ... learning to trust myself, my intuition, my inner voice.  If there is something not quite right in and/or around me I no longer need to just fix it.  I see the word "Fix" for what it is now.  Rather I want to heal what ails me/my environment.  Without going through the steps of healing I am only accepting a temporary fix.

I learned a new exercise this week.  I learned to welcome the feelings in that I used to push away.  I physically say "(insert feeling here) you are welcome here".  By doing so I have made the first step in beginning to understand what purpose that feeling serves in my souls growth.  Now that I am no longer fighting that feeling I can work with it, understand it, learn from it, heal from it and let it go.

I Am... realizing that being honest with myself and others does not have the long term consequences that the short term consequences deceive us into fearing hearing and speaking our truth.  Initially being honest with ourselves and others brings feelings of discomfort for us both.  Sometimes the truth is to hard to hear.  At all times it is exactly what we need to hear.  Even when we are not ready to hear it and react badly progress has been made, the seed planted.   I am realizing the things that bother us the most, the things we need to defend ourselves against the most are the truths we are lying to ourselves about.   I spent a lot of my life lying to myself about who I was, who I wanted to be but wasn't doing the work to become.

This morning I want to give thanks for my struggles.  Today I release all resentments towards all others in my past who I thought caused me pain.  I can see clearly now that we were merely helping each other learn lessons about ourselves along the way.  I no longer feel separate from you, I see you as an extension of the source of us as am I an extension of that source which is love.

I Am... becoming who I agreed to become.  I volunteered to be here at this great time of change, I have purpose.  I recognize that purpose is in you also, in us all.  We all accepted the responsibility of the tests we face today.  I wish for you success in your souls elevation as I strive for my own success as each act of compassion, understanding, acceptance, each act of love any one of us completes helps the whole of us and brings us closer to the source of us.

I Am... content in this moment!  I Am... exactly where I am supposed to be and have all that I need to move forward.  I Am... no longer crippled by fear, handicapped by my own thoughts and feelings.

I Am... your sister and you are my sister/brother.  We are one and today I salute the divine light inside of you, may it grow and surround you with the love that is you and me, the love of our source.

Have a most blessed day,

One Love

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