Friday, July 20, 2012


L ~ Letting go!  

This week I have really worked on letting go of the self doubt that has hindered me my whole life.  I have challenged myself to reach out in making new friends, networking to meet more people who are on their own path for self growth and seeking to help heal the world as a whole, us as a whole.

Self doubt gets in the way of me truly loving myself.  My whole life I have had this ridiculous notion that I was unworthy of love unless I earned it by making sacrifices for others.  This conditioning began as early as my toddler years and continued throughout my childhood till I reached my teens.  The effects of this conditioning lasted my life time and today are still a battle for me.  A battle that I am winning today.

O ~ Opening Up!

I am winning the battle because of the courage inside of me growing, allowing me to open up to new ideas and concepts.  By facing my fears they are subsiding and the space they once filled is now filled with love.  Every time I challenge myself to overcome a fear, a behavior, a negative thought by embracing love I grow stronger.

I challenged myself this week to get over my feelings of loneliness by reaching out on Facebook and inviting people in a new group I am in to friend me so that I can connect with more like minded people. I love all my friends, even the ones that were toxic relationships for me.  My letting those relationships go was not an act of hate it was an act of self love and love for them.  I realize now that in my own past people who left me behind due to the negative constant victim stance I lived in in fact helped my growth.  They loved themselves enough to let go and me enough to teach me the lesson I needed to learn.

V ~ Venturing Out!

Venturing out of my comfort zone has been this entire journey so far.  Leaving behind the life I lived, the only way I knew how to live and challenging myself to find my true self has brought me to this moment of clarity.  I see so clearly now who I am becoming, who I am.  I am becoming who I was born to become.  I am realizing that my potential in this life is great!  I am learning to trust in my gifts and even more so to believe that I deserve to be proud of who I am, I deserve love.  I couldn't have come to this realization if I hadn't had the courage to go outside of my comfort zone.  Looking back (something I only do for reflection these days) I see so clearly now how uncomfortable my comfort zone was.  I had to leave it to see it!

E ~ Embracing Change!

The very thing I feared: Change! Is now the most exciting and enlightening thing I anticipate.  By embracing change I am learning more about myself in a moment than I had in a life time.  I am open to the opportunities that life has been putting in my path all along, I could not see them before because I was wearing blinders, I was blind.  I was conditioned, I was compliant, complacent.  I was asleep.  I was dead.  Today I am alive, change is ever changing and bringing about the best results for me and for you.  Seeing that is amazing.  My acceptance that all things, good and bad are as they should be for our growth is such freedom.

It began with a question for me, then with trusting in myself to go find the answer.  The question was "can I be happy in this world".  The answer is yes! I can if I choose to be!  See that is the greatest lesson so far of this journey.  The realization that happiness, joy is a choice gives me the power to experience it at all times, the good and the bad times.


Love begins with love of self, everything is a mirror reflection of ourselves~
I am love, I am loved.  Today I am full of love for all that is, I mean that.  I love my enemies as much as I love my friends.  I don't even like the word enemies to be honest.  I only use it because I don't know of another way to describe the people who intend me harm, it's the word I have been taught.  I would like to adapt a new word for them, one that does not promote separation between us because they are my brothers and sisters, they are part of me.  They are just the part of me that is hurting still.

Because if we really think about it we hurt others when we ourselves are hurting and lost.  That understanding helps us to feel compassion for those who hurt us, helps us to send them feelings of love and understanding and helps us to forgive them and even ourselves for the times we ourselves have hurt others.

Now that I am aware that I am love, now that I am loving myself I have discovered that I cannot easily hurt others, even those I disagree with.  When I do hurt or offend someone at moments where I am still operating from my ego and my fears I quickly feel remorse for that and make amends, correct myself so that I can offer in place of anger, love!

This has been a great week, I have made lots of new friends, been invited to join some awesome groups and movements.  I am blessed and have much gratitude to share today.

I love you all from a place of love!
One Love
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