Tuesday, July 17, 2012


What are really saying to ourselves and others?  Our mind is a map of our emotions.  The emotions we feel the most develop strong roads leading us easily in directions we feel safest in traveling.

When we allow the messages we take into our mind to be ones that promote fear we begin to travel down roads of competitions, indifference, separatism, loneliness, protection, etc...

No matter how hard things get just keep smiling... It confuses people!
When things get hard remember that everyone goes through hard times.
Be brave for you and them.  Share your struggles!

We become guarded, our triumphs shadowed by our fears and celebrated spitefully.

When we are mindful of the messages we take into our mind, questioning their meaning for us, their effect on our relationship with our selves and others and selecting to accept the messages that promote love and courage we begin to travel down roads of understanding, compassion, forgiveness, togetherness, belonging, acceptance, etc...

Teach your children how to talk, have manners and be respectful of older adults!
Teach your children they have a voice by listening to them.  How to express themselves
in a healthy manner by communicating with them.  How to respect and appreciate others
feelings by appreciating and respecting theirs!

We become open, our triumphs genuine and enlightened by love, we can celebrate all of life, the challenges and the successes as equally valuable.  We can rather than we can't!

I have been collecting these messages that I see being shared by the masses on Facebook.  This began when I began to question everything about myself and life.  I realized that I had grown so accustomed to not thinking before acting.  I had no idea of what my honest core intent was in my thoughts and actions.  When I made the conscience effort to begin peeling back the layers of intent in my thoughts so that I could align a positive intent with a positive action with a desire to bring about positive results in life for myself and others.

A strong woman knows how to keep her life in line.  With tears in her eyes
she still manages to say "I'm Fine!"
A strong woman understands that life has its ups and downs.  With tears in
her eyes she gives thanks for the lessons learned, with a smile on her face she
gives thanks for the joys earned!

What prompted this realization on intent was learning that our Karma is paid back on our intent not on our actions.

For example:

I could be on a date with some guy, he takes me out to dinner and I get a to-go box for the rest of my food to appear like I don't eat much.  Then as we leave the restaurant we see a homeless guy sitting on the sidewalk and to look like a good person I offer my food to the hungry guy with sorrow in his eyes.  I may have just fed the homeless but my intent was self serving from the start.  I only saved some of my food to to look good, I only fed the homeless man to look good.  My karma will be paid back on that intent.  I may be hungry soon myself if for no other reason than I did not eat enough, or I may meet someone on my own path that appears to be helping me only to use me to look good.  Or maybe I will just end up in a relationship with some guy who values me for who I AM NOT, and will not really value me once he figures out he just met my representative instead of me!

I smile and act like nothing is wrong sometimes... It's called dealing with shit and staying strong!
I smile when I am happy, cry when I am sad, teach out when I am scared, talk about it when I am  mad!
It's called loving myself no matter how I feel and being strong enough to deal with it all!

On the other token, I could be at a party and trying walk from one side of the crowded room to the other and accidentally step on someones brand new white Nike's and scuff them.  The owner of the shoes is now pissed off at me for ruining his shoes for the night and gets all pissy with me telling me to watch where I am going.  Knowing my intent was simply to walk across the room not to cause anyone stress over a material possession or ruin their night I apologize for accidentally scuffing their shoes.  Because I realize that I did in fact scuff their shoes, I am accountable for my actions even the unintended ones.  So by saying I am sorry I calm him down and he has the choice to get over it and enjoy his night or stay mad.  My intent stayed in line with my actions, both being positive.

You cannot love and appreciate others if you cannot love and appreciate yourself!
When you love and appreciate yourself you can truly love and appreciate all others
knowing they too are learning to love themselves!

We share messages on Facebook, via text, on Twitter, etc...  We read messages, we say messages.  Our minds are full of messages.  What is our intent in sharing these messages?  Is it to get our "Like" count up?  Is it to appear to know something, or be someone?  Or is it to uplift ourselves and others through positive encouraging thoughts and words?

We are a society that has been long conditioned even before we were born.  We have lots of work to do to heal the damages done to our minds and hearts that brought us to this place where we live in fear of what others think of us, live in fear of what others want for us, what others can do to us.  We need to wake up and be responsible for what we think of ourselves, what we want for ourselves and others, what we can do for ourselves and others.  We have been conditioned to think of ourselves in competitive ways, as separate selves.  Walking down the roads in our mind trying to avoid any and all discomfort of judgement by continually judging ourselves and others.

From this day on, when I look back on the past, I will smile and say to myself...
"I never thought I could do it, but I did... I overcame all the people who tried to bring me down!"
From this day on, when I look back on the past, I will smile and say to myself..
"I believed in myself and I did it... I overcame my fears with the courage to love and forgive
myself and all others by realizing that obstacles are life's way of giving us the gift of challenge!" 

It is time to build new roads in our minds map, roads that lead to honest intent  and actions that bring about positive change for us all!  We can begin with being mindful of the messages we offer and accept!

One Love
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