Sunday, July 15, 2012

Things that make you hmmm...

Over a fresh glass of organic juiced carrot apple juice my son and I had a great conversation/debate this morning after he woke up.

My son a big fan of TruTV's show hosted by Jesse Ventura brought up several things that Jesse Ventura has reported on his many surprisingly informative episodes exposing the hidden agendas of the Worlds Governments and the Secret Societies who intend to implement a plan of world domination.

So I asked my son a question...  "Son have you heard of the protest going on in Mexico right now?"  to which he replied "No" so I told him about the protests.  Then I asked him...  "Son, tell me what you know about the Country Latvia"  he replied "Huh?".  I told him about how the Country of Latvia gained their independence in the 80s and 90s through song without the loss of one single life.  He thought that was way cool.  Then I asked him if he knew anything about Kenya and how they gained the right to vote.  Again he did not know about this.

After asking him more questions about more current positive events taking place world wide that show an example of the power of peace and love that are taking place right now I asked him another question...

"Son, why do you think it is that there is no news reports about any of the things happening in the world that tell true stories of people standing up for their rights in a peaceful manner, yet Jesse Ventura is allowed to have his own TV show exposing the governments hidden agendas?

"Good question" he replied...

"Yes it is a good question babe, one of many you should be asking yourself daily!"

I went on to tell him that I made a really big mistake while raising him, my mistake was sending him to school and encouraging him to get all A's which he did most report cards.  He looked puzzled.  I continued telling him that if I had it to do over I would not send him to school, I would home school him or I would have at least told him to question everything he is taught in school and in life.  I wouldn't have grounded him for getting F's and rewarded him for getting A's.  I would have taught him which information he actually needed in life and which to take with a grain of salt.  I would have done a lot but I too was conditioned to believe that the school system was there for the benefit of our children's futures and our Government was ran by the people who we voted into office.

Then he asked me a question... "Mom, so are you saying that the things Jesse Ventua's show says are happening are not happening?"

To which I replied... "No, I am not saying that.  I believe that there are powers out there whose agendas are the things that Jesse Ventura reports."

"Than what is your point?" He asked looking even more puzzled now.

"My point is this...  If the news is blocked from reporting encouraging stories that give us hope for a brighter future and Jesse Ventura is allowed to report all this hidden agenda stuff than by my reasoning I see him as possibly being part of the conspiracy."

I continued...

"Think about Son, if the news keeps morale down, keeps the public believing there is no hope for this crappy world and shows like Jesse Ventura's keep us living in fear than who has the power?  They do!  If Television was really not censored both sides of the story would be told...  Mr. Ventura can report on the bad stuff the news channels would certainly be reporting on stories like thousands of people in Mexico protesting against a corrupt election system."

"Mom, what if it's true though, you just said you do believe that there are hidden agendas.  What can we do to protect ourselves"

"Son, lets say it is gonna happen just like Jesse Ventura says it is, okay!  What can we do to stop it?  Before you answer that really think about it! What can we do to stop it?"

He sat for a minute thinking and replied... "Well, there are more of us than them! We could fight back!"

"Okay Brandon, how effective do you think we would be fighting back while we are all living in fear, how organized do you think we would be.  How many lives do you think would be lost if we fought back by countering force with force?  Neither one of us even owns a gun, Son so how do you propose we fight back?"

He sat longer this time then a look came over his face of disappointment as he said "I don't know, maybe we could hide, or go to another Country."

"How do we hide from World Domination Brandon?"  again... "I don't know" he replied.

"Exactly Son!  Now, remember the true story I just told you about Latvia!  Honey, that is one of many true events that have taken place in history where many people came together bravely in peace to accomplish their goals of freedom from an oppressor.  I am not saying ignore what is happening in the world and live your life pretending everything is okay, because it isn't okay.  I am saying educate yourself on both sides of the coin Son.  If you do you will realize something, you will realize that while there is a lot of bad happening there is also a lot of good happening too.  You will be able to keep your hope alive and focus your mind on productive solutions that can actually help us.  Just like me, you too have a voice and your generation is a powerful generation.  Use your mind and heart to educated yourself and use your voice to educate your peers baby.  Most importantly you have to overcome your fears honey, you have to overcome them with Love!"

He replied... "I get what you're saying mom, and I believe in love but how is love going to help protect us when they are full of so much hate?"

"Well baby, when you operate from love, beginning with love of self and your creator you can't help but develop a deep love for all life, even the lives of your enemies that intend you harm.  You also begin to hear the truths inside you, God's voice and you KNOW that no matter what happens there is something so much greater than anything you have ever been taught in your life after this life.  You begin to see the truth and learn the power of love and peace in any kind of a world. You will realize that all that matters is your ability to love yourself and others, from there the answers will come in abundance."

Then the phone rang and we got distracted talking to my sister for a while.  Shortly after we hung up he had to head home.  Before he left he thanked me for our talk and said he wanted to continue it later for sure.  I told him I would love that and in the mean time to do me a favor and look up the meaning of "Manifest Destiny" and chew on that till we get to talk more.  He smiled and said...  "Manifest Destiny huh, okay you got a deal, love you Mom!" and off he went.

Realizing we don't know everything allows us to open up to learning a thing or two!
I have taught my children all the things in life I thought were right, I thought a lot of things that today I see so much differently.  I was part of a conditioned consumer society with mislead values and unfounded fears that kept me always seeking that promised happiness that was supposed to be the American Dream.  My mind was closed.

Today my mind is open.  More and more each day I free myself of the toxins we are fed, the lies we are told and I embrace the truth of love and peace.  A lot of people from my past think I have lost it, my mind that is, haha.  I can take that!  Finding my heart is worth being thought of in such ways.  Finding my heart also allows me to not be angry at others who think what they are conditioned to think of people like me.  Allows me to pray for them to also have their own awakening because I realize that change is scary, sometimes it feels more secure to stay in a bad place than to believe in our ability to change our situation.  I was scared too.  I had to realize the truth about fear to really overcome it.

I love you all from a place of feeling good, positive and sure about the power of Love!

Have a great day
One Love

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