Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two Days of Yay!

The past two days have seriously rocked ya'll!!!

I have to start with today and go backwards because I am super excited about it.  Okay so I had just gotten out of the shower and there was a knock at the door.  I peeked out and saw someone on a power chair and yelled "give me 5 minutes, I am getting dressed".

Rockin' My new to Me power chair, This so rocks!
I hurried and got dressed and opened the door to find William (Peggy Sue, Theresa and Wendi's Father) sitting in a power chair, not just any power chair either!  My new to me power chair, a gift to me from three men who came together to make it happen.  This gets interesting, try to follow along while I try to explain the chain of events that led to me getting this chair, haha.

William thank you so much for your kindness
and awesome outlook on life!

Joe, David and William thank you so much for being such awesome
new friends, I am blessed to have met you all!

My New to Me power chair!

Brandon had to try out my chair for safety
before he would let me ride it to the store,
haha, love you so much Son it is so nice
to have you checking on me daily and helping
your old Mom out, thank you baby!

So David who was blessed by Gladys and Jim with a new chair offered to gift me his old one that needed the engine rebuilt and William offered to rebuild it which didn't work out so well due to the engine condition and needed parts.  We are all pretty broke financially here in this little park of "come together folks" so buying new parts isn't feasible, especially toward the end of the month.

This is where Rick stepped in who happened to have a couple extra chairs and an engine for sale.  He had an engine he was selling for much more than the $50 he charged us.  David who gifted the chair insisted that he pay the $50 on the 1st of August saying that he wanted this to be as big a blessing to me as he was blessed with getting his own new to him chair.

Leaving the store, I couldn't stop smiling the whole way there and back, haha!

I stood there with tears in my eyes so super out of this world graciously excited for the best gift ever.  This chair means more than just having a power chair, it means more independence to go to the store on my own, walk Marley on my own and go out in the world around me to get involved in the community, YEAH!!!

Heading home with Brandon and Mr. Marley ahead of me, such a cool feeling!

My son Brandon showed up shortly after and accompanied me to the store while he walked Marley and I got used to the chair, there were some scary moments on the uneven pavement crossing over driveways and going through narrow power line poles and box's but I didn't tip or anything, in fact I am getting the hang of it pretty quickly.  Only problem now is my jaw hurts from smiling so much today, haha.

Theresa and Wendi help me get the Tree of Life growing again, good times indeed!

Okay, now I'm going Pulp Fiction on you and stepping backwards to yesterday, wink!  Yesterday was a great day too.  The girls and Brandon helped me get some more painting done on One Love.

Thanks so much for a great day ya'll, you all Rock, Seriously Rock!

We all laughed and listened to cool music while we talked about Rasta Toe, ideas for painting the front and back of One Love, Stella's visit and hoping we will be done in time so she can add her hand print to the tree of life 1st.

To top off the night my son brought over some meat from his house to cook along with the zucchini that Sherry gifted me earlier in the day!  After he headed home I spent some time alone with myself and my Creator having a conversation about my gratitude for helping me to this point.

Feels so good to be painting again!
When I first moved here I was really down and depressed about it.  I stayed in One Love crying a bit and sleeping a lot.  I didn't want to be depressed but you know how that goes.  I had good moments and bad moments.  Through all of them though I did one thing, I gave thanks for the feeling.  See, I have begun to really understand that both the good and the bad moments are equally valuable.  Honestly without the bad moments I wouldn't learn so much and I wouldn't appreciate the good ones so much either.  So really the bad moments make the good ones count more.

I am so blessed to have this time on my Journey with you son!
I am also learning something else really valuable, when I am in that place where I used to want to escape the feelings of I can tell myself today... "Self, this is going to pass, see it as a gift and find the lesson in it!"  And you know what, it passes! I learn something new about myself and about trusting the Universe and My Creator!  I appreciate all of life now, the hard and the easy parts as all good parts!

Thank you so much girls, you really brighten my days with your awesome attitudes!

Now I want to discuss one last thing before I go.  I have been very blessed along this Journey to make some really good friends as I learn to become my own friend.  Here at this park in Sacramento, Ca.  I have been very blessed to meet three amazing young women who recently moved here with their Father from Kentucky for a new start.

William is an awesome father who has raised three amazing girls mostly on his own.  Peggy Sue, Theresa and Wendi are the most down to earth, helpful, positive young ladies.  All three of them have helped so many people in this park and continue to do so daily even though they have very little.  They moved here in a 20 foot travel trailer that they all live in together and they do a good job making the best of it.

Theresa and Peggy Sue I love you!
However, an awesome opportunity has came up here in the park, another tenant is selling their 2 bedroom mobile home for only $3,000.  I want to help this family get it so they can have a home here.  There are others working in the park to try and figure out how to make this happen also.  If there is anyone out there who wants to help email me and I will put you in contact with the family directly so you can make arrangements with them to help them out.  If you don't have the means to help financially that is super cool, can you send some positive thoughts this way for this awesome family to get the mobile home? Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.

Okay that is it, off to ride around the park and show off my new to me power chair, yay!  I love ya'll form a place of gratitude for all that learning to love myself has done for me and my life.  Have a most blessed day!

One Love

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