Monday, July 23, 2012

YAY Monday!!!

This weekend  I waited anxiously for Monday in a big way.  I made a big decision last week, one that required a big commitment to really challenge and believe in myself!  Today my Transformation Kit from ViSalus should be here and I will be able to begin my new eating plan with a big goal of getting healthy and walking more than 10 feet again.

I signed up for the Challenge Showdown and created my own channel.  By documenting my progress on videos people can vote on all the challenge participants and there are lots of cool prizes for the highest voted videos.

"In addition to the primary Challenge Champion categories, the top 10 competitors with the highest Challenge Channel votes will...
*Star in's first online Challenge series co-produced by ViSalus and Ben Silverman.
*Join Challenge Champions on the Hollywood Transformation Vacation and walk a red carpet at their own Hollywood premiere!
*Be featured on newsstands all over North America in the January 2013 issue of The Challenge magazine."

But the biggest prize of all is the one I win for myself, my independence!  Yes, I would love to win that makeover just because it would be really fun, but the biggest makeover is the one I am giving to myself, my ability to walk again.  When I lose this weight and get my knees replaced I will be able to walk on the beach again, go hiking with the grand kids, play at the park, walk to the store and walk Mr. Marley!

I spent two days talking myself into having the courage to make the intro video for the challenge.  I was super self conscience about it for some reason.  I have put up a video of me before but not one talking about how I truly feel about my lack of mobility or my weight.  Words rang in my ears of past friends calling me a fat cow or making fun of my knees calling me demeaning names over my disabilities when we fell out in an argument.  For some reason when ever I have had a problem with a friend in the past that is exactly where they hit me, where it hurt most!  Even growing up I got teased a lot about my weight and I wasn't even fat then, I just thought I was.  Looking back now at my pictures I wasn't fat at all.

Well I pushed past my fears and made the video on Saturday morning.  I got a little emotional in the video.  I thought about writing down what I wanted to say but didn't want it to be scripted, I just wanted to do it and be me while doing it.  I sat there talking to self... "Self you got this, you are an amazing woman, no one is going to make fun you, trust yourself!" and then I hit record.

While loading it I was still crying, feeling very nervous about it but again talked to self and reminded her that she is a woman of strength and courage who loves myself today, all of myself, fat and all!

Something happened, I got this overwhelming response on my Facebook page, I got a bunch of love!  People were really touched by my video, some even cried too.  I was so relieved even more so I was so touched to realize that they love me too, for who I am and who I am Rocks!

Sometimes I love myself so much and am surprised by that I can't help but cry!
Learning to love ourselves takes courage to push past the scary parts, courage to say to self "You Got This Self" and push forward believing we deserve to reach our dreams.  We are not defined by our flaws, it is our flaws that give us character and help us to be the unique us we are.  Overcoming our limitations and disabilities in life is done by overcoming the fear inside that tells us "We Can't"!  It starts the moment we start telling ourselves "We Can" and grows from there!!!

Karen, Theresa and Peggy Sue I love all of you so much, thank you for being
in my life and for being my friends, you all rock!
I had a great weekend, yesterday my Spiritual Medium Karen Lutter came to visit me, I just love her so much.  She is one of the most amazing women I have ever met.  But then she is an Aries like me, haha.  She came to visit and to drop off a pallet for our garden and some beautiful clothes and jewelry for the girls.  Peggy Sue and Theresa came over to meet her, they have been super excited to meet her after hearing so much about her from me.  She gave them some really nice hand me downs.  We enjoyed a great visit.

An amazing day, an amazing Sunset, an amazing life!
After visiting in One Love for a while we stepped outside and were greeted by the most amazing sky, the clouds were lit up by the setting sun in such a majestic way.  We sat outside enjoying the break from the long hot day having fun pointing out animals in the clouds, we saw lots of dragons and sea creatures, smile.

I woke up this morning to another amazing view of the sky.  The sunrise was magical this morning.  It rained a little this morning, the ground was still wet and smelled like a fresh rain, I love that smell.  The sun lit up the clouds and rays of sunshine poured out into the sky, even Marley was excited about the wet ground and invigorating sky.

Every day a new beginning, every morning the sun rises reminding me that today is a new day, new gifts of challenges await!

Well, I am up early and waiting for my Transformation Kit from ViSalus and also another great gift, my Mom sent me out a care package with CD's she burned for me, pencils for my art work, and a senior work out video.  I am so excited about getting some packages today and want to say a special thank you to My Sister for the Transformation kit and My Mom for the care package.  It has been a rough month food wise with my fridge going out the first week I was here and I lost all of my cold food.  I am proud of myself for not crying over it here.  I have been learning about really going through struggles and making the best of things without trying to fix everything.

I would love your love and support during this challenge.  The winners are chosen by the videos that get the most votes.  So if you all wouldn't mind viewing my videos and honestly voting what you think of them that would be awesome.

This is my Challenge Showdown Channel link where I will be uploading my videos.

Thank you for joining me this morning.  I love you all from a place of feeling good about loving myself and having the courage to trust that others will love me to, love me for who I am!

Have a most blessed day my friends
One Love

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  1. Hi honey, just want you to knoa that I am on your side and Im rooting for you! Im so very proud of you and will be one of your biggest fans. I know we havent been intouch for a long time but I know you,and know you have gone through a lot in your life and Just want you to know that I believe in you!!

    Love Kathy

  2. Thank you so much Kathy, I am touched by your words and love. Your support means so much to me and encourages me further. Thank you for being such an awesome source of support throughout this journey. I love you!