Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dear Mr. President....

I am a person who voted for President Obama the first time he ran for president.  I was a supporter of his since singing praises for his winning the election.  Believing at the time that we were embarking on a new era of unity and equality for all.  Obama's election came with the promise of positive change.

From the beginning there has been many critics of his term as the President of the United States of America.  Mostly starting with mud slinging and progressing to disclosure of issues that are of great concern for "US" the people who Obama promised honest leadership geared toward a new beginning for this nation.

Now I would like to speak directly to President Obama, he may never read this and that is fine.  I just need to speak my mind and get this stuff off of my chest if for nothing other than raising awareness for my brothers and sisters of this world.

Mr. President I and many others I am sure really want to know why you are making some of the choices you are making that are not at all in our favor for life and prosperity here in this Country and in the world as a whole.

During your election you made promises to us about the labeling of GMO foods and our rights to know what we are purchasing and eating.  Since being elected you have not only not kept your promise you have done the exact opposite of what you promised us you would do.

You signed a spending bill, HR 933 last Tuesday March 25th, 2013 that had a hidden agenda in it in section 735 that "effectively  bars federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of controversial genetically modified (aka GMO) or genetically engineered (GE) seeds, no matter what health issues may arise concerning GMOs in the future. The advent of genetically modified seeds -- which has been driven by the massive Monsanto Company -- and their exploding use in farms across America came on fast and has proved a huge boon for Monsanto's profits."

Despite the petittion signed by over 250,000 Americans and the protestors outside of the white house you signed this bill, why?  I think we the American people can easily draw the conclusion that you are not acting with the American people's best interest at heart.  With all these decisions you are making it is blatantly obvious that you and those whose interest you share as a priority feel that these things you are doing against us above reproach.  However, we are the people you are in office to serve, and many of us want answers and deserve some now.  Can you Mr. President address these concerns please?

I learned last year that you appointed Michael R. Taylor as the United States FDA food safety Czar.


I am very confused and disturbed by your judgment in this decision to appoint the very man who was involved in the growth hormone being injected into our milk supply, a man whom is obviously working for Monsonto who has been poisoning our food supply with the help of the FDA and Our Government, now including your administration.  Other Countries have a ban on GMO's in their food supply yet you appoint Michael R. Taylor to make decisions on the food we eat, really?!  Can you please explain why you would do that to us?

I am also very confused as to why you signed the bill of Marshal Law on March 16th.  Why would you put this Country in a state of Marshal Law?

This morning I learned that you recently signed an executive order putting the US into alignment with international laws.


What a terrible thing for you to do.  Why would you be doing all of this to us?

I have another question.  Do you ever ask yourself... "how do I want to be remembered?"

I, being one who voted for you feel so much disappointment in your leadership for this Country and your decisions that not only affect us but the world as a whole.  My heart weeps for this world with the decisions you are making.

I have considered the possibility that you are merely a puppet who has your own family to worry about and could be being pressured into these horrible choices for the rest of humanity that you are making.  Even if that is the case, you sir knew the risks running for office, as did your family.  You made promises to us and we believed you, we trusted you.

If you are letting fear be the driving force of your choices let me also ask you this...  Do you not fear what will become of the world by the choices you are making, or are you concerned about us the people at all?  Do you not care about what becomes of your soul.  You have a lot of people counting on you, trusting you.  Do you not value the great responsibility of honoring that trust?

Furthermore if you are not a puppet living in fear, protecting only your own family than are you  a part of the plan to harm us?

These are valid questions.  We the people who love and trust you deserve to at the very least know why you are making choices that will bring about much death for many if not most of us.

Have you ever considered that we the people make up the majority of the population?  Has the thought ever occurred to you that if you stand your ground in making choices that benefit us that we would have your back.  I am being serious.  If people are threatening you and you don't even feel safe to be protected by your own appointed protectors come on down to the hood and we will protect you if you are protecting us.

You know JFK died for what he believed in and his name lives as strong if not stronger than his life did.  He was a true leader, and he paid the price of having integrity with his life.  As unfortunate as that was it gave way for the opportunity for us to open our eyes way back then to the corruption in Government and politics.  We the people did nothing for our beloved president then, we knew that he was murdered by hidden forces and chose to accept the lies about the one gunman.  I believe that was because we didn't believe in our own ability to affect change.

Today is a new era of awakening and today there are many of us who not only believe but we know of our ability to affect change.  We have discovered the secrets of the power of thought, we are learning that we can change the world.  And we could use your help with that Mr. President.

With all the bad that has and is happening in the world there is as much positive change happening, are you blind to this or choosing to ignore it?  I ask that because while many of us are doing what all we can with what little we have you Sir with all your power and persuasion are making decisions that harm us rather than ones that progress positive change.

One more question Mr. President... Why is it illegal for food to be labeled GMO free?  Not only has policy on food safety deemed it okay to feed us poisons in the form of genetically altered food but has determined that we don't even have a right to labels informing us of these toxic disease causing additives and alterations but policy has also made reporting that foods do not contain GMO's illegal.  How is that ethical, why can't food suppliers tell us their food is free of GMO's.

We have food warnings about additives and preservatives, yet you don't consider GMO's additives, how is that?  GMO's alter the natural state of the food so how are they not an additive?

Mr. President I think I can speak for all Mothers of the world when I say that WE DO NOT WANT TO FEED OUR CHILDREN GMO FOODS!

Mr. President can you PLEASE help us protect our children from eating foods that are GMO foods, PLEASE.  WE have a right to know what is in our food supply!!!!

Mr. President I am a woman who has made my own bad choices in life.  I paid for those choices in many ways.  I am learning and changing and making better choices today.  I know if I can change you can too.  If I can say to myself... Self, get it together and get it done the right way this time!" so can you.

Just because you have been wrong doesn't mean you have to be wrong.  I am learning that myself.  Through forgiving myself and taking accountability for my choices I am changing who I am and that is all that matters, today, this moment is all that matters.  Each moment, each choice is all that matters.

I plead with you to think about us, our families, our children, our future, our world, the future of our world.   You cannot only save one set of people and have saved anyone.  You must try to save us all.  Better to fail saving us all than to succeed in only saving a few Mr. President.

In closing I would like to tell you that I believe in you still, and I love you Mr. President.  I offer you love and understanding and forgiveness.  I know inside of you is a light, the same light that shines in me and all of us.  I believe you can let that light grow bright.

I wish you blessings on this day, I wish you to see the awakening happening for the beautiful brilliance it is.  I wish you to feel the shift and change occurring and be filled with hope for a new world so that you can be remembered as the President who represented more than being the first black President of the Untied States of America.  Your legacy is much greater than that Sir.

In all sincerity and with much love,
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  1. This is beautiful and so truthful and kind. I'm spreading this message around. It's one that offers great hope.
    Thank you.
    Lesa Lal