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I spoke a bit about energy in my day 14 video and on my lessons tab today.  I wanted to share that video with you here and talk some more about energy.

I am learning a lot about energy, the energy I take in and put out is important to me now.  In the past I didn't realize I had a big part to do with what and how things affect me and even less realization in how I affected the world around me with my own energy.

I have found some positive ways to work through the negative energy that is in and around us often.  Words like patience, compassion, understanding and forgiveness are more than words to me now they are practiced actions.  And yes practice does make perfect, or pretty close anyways, haha.

Here is a good example.  I used to get all flustered shopping in the past.  It's funny if you really stop and think about it, shopping that is.  We go to the store to buy our goods and act like we are the only one in there.  What I mean by this is we can walk through the store viewing the items on the shelf oblivious to others in our path.  We block the walkways with our carts, have near misses where we almost run into someone and so on.  You get where I am going with this right?!  You guessed it, while we do these things we get all bent out of shape at others doing the very same thing.  Again, we think we are the only one in the store, or at least the only one who matters.

I think that is because we feel our feelings and we can only relate to others when we are living with the illusion of being separate rather than the realization of oneness.  Now when I go shopping I am aware of those around me most of the time.  I am happy to wait for someone to finish their conversation or looking at a shelf of goods.  When they notice me waiting and apologize I say "oh no worries, actually I owe you a thank you.  I am working on patience today" and we both laugh.  I am aware of my environment and make a conscience effort to see how positive of an impact I can have on it.  It's really cool, it's kind of this experiment I have been doing every time I have to shop.  I roll in with a positive attitude that I am there for more than just purchasing stuff.  I am there to interact with others and hopefully connect with some even if just for that moment in time.  I have to say that this experiment has developed into a wonderful habit that produces a much more enjoyable shopping experience not only for me but for others as well.

I realized in a big way how important each of us is to the whole through this silly little experiment.  I had no idea what kind of an impact I had on others when I used to rush through the store annoyed when people were shopping mindlessly unaware of their environment around them also.  I would get all upset and I hated shopping.  I was also embarrassed of my handicap cart so I had a chip on my shoulder to begin with.  All of the stuff I was annoyed or angry with others over didn't even have to do with them really and I had it in me to control my shopping experience all along.  Even more so I had it in me to make others experience a better one also.

I think the grocery or department stores are a great place to practice things like patience, understanding, compassion, and a great place to practice affecting change in the world.  Sure it may be on a small scale but it is not as small as we may think.  Think about it for a moment...  If I go into the store and help 10 people to smile by simply sharing a genuine smile, engage 5 more people in a few moments of genuine conversation, an exchange of joy between us and then compliment a few more I probably have change the course of all those peoples day in some small way.  I like to think of it as shopping with intent to do more than buy stuff.

I have used this same practice while out on the bike trail and it is amazing what is happening.  This morning when I went out with Marley 3 people said "Hi JoJo, how ya doing this morning?"  Three people! Haha, that is so cool.  Think about that too, most days we go for a walk with the intent to exercise us or our dog not with the intent to have a connective experience with strangers right.  Well I go on the bike trail with intent to affect myself and everyone I come across in a positive way.  I am not phony or fake about it either.  I have learned the big difference between acting polite and being joy quite a while back, you may remember my "How are you?" blog that touched on a similar approach to connecting with others and building an honest world.

I am learning that I can turn negative energy into positive energy in the most amazing way through positive interactions with others.  I talked in my video about exercise and music and I talk often about prayer and talking to self.  They are all valuable and effective ways to create positive energy and outcomes in life.  However, positive intent toward others in the world is one of the best ways if you ask me.

See, what I am finding out is this... It is our viewing each other as separate and our fears of getting close to others that create negative energy in a big way.  By engaging in the act of connecting with others even if just a genuine "how are you" and taking the time to listen and share I am overcoming fears and helping to see past the illusion of us being separate in the way we think we are.  Yeah, sure we are in our own bodies, yes we are our own souls here to learn our own lessons and experience our own experiences but all of our experiences effect us all because behind all the things that are our own is the truth that we are all connected spiritually.  Realizing that and making a conscience effort to feel it has brought me to this conclusion... We can learn our lessons in life so much easier with the help of others.  In fact we are each others lessons most days, haha.

Okay, I am stepping down from my soap box now, you get the point about energy I am sure.  Let me know how your next shopping experience goes, wink.

Soooooo, here is my day 14 video.  I appreciate your love and support!

Have  a most blessed day my friends, I love you a whole big bunch!

One Love 

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