Thursday, August 2, 2012

Getting Creative and Losing Inches

Good evening my friends.  Today was day 8 of my 90 day challenge.    I still do not have a start weight but I do have some great news... I am super excited to report I lost some inches this week.  I lost 2 1/4 inches my bust and a 1/2 inch in my waist.

Before I go any further let me tell you about day 6 and 7.  I ran out of coconut and almond milk for my shakes and on day 6 I got creative and mixed some chai tea, hot water and my shake mix for a nice warm treat and had two healthy meals of veggies and protein.  Day 7 was not so successful.  The first mistake I made was not eating before I left around noon to do my grocery shopping with my daughter Shawntice.  By the time we finished around 5 I was starving and so were Shawntice and my 3 year old grandson.

Having spent their day taking me to run errands I decided to get us some dinner and we stopped at Little Caesars Pizza.  I planned on only eating one piece and ended up eating two pieces.  I wanted to talk about this because some things emotionally happened along with feeling horrible physically afterwards.    

I could have came home and made a salad or a shake in the amount of time it took to stop and pick up the pizza but I told myself that I was too hungry to wait to get home although I didn't eat pizza until I got home.  I also told myself that I needed to feed my daughter and grandson sooner than later as if they wouldn't have benefited more from a healthy meal at my place.  These are the lies that I tell myself when I neglect my health and take short cuts.  My current health and weight is a result of short cuts for many years now.  A bigger result of not loving myself enough to make better choices for my mind, body and spirit.  As these bad foods really do affect all three.

As a result of my bad choice I had serious heart burn and acid ingestion along with a head ache when I woke up this morning.  Keeping in mind I am not used to eating a lot of foods that are not organic as well as preservative and additive free I am sure I am more sensitive now that I have detoxed my body of most of that stuff.  Now that I am loving myself I didn't beat myself up over how I felt or the choice I made, I acknowledged it and moved on.  This is a big change for me, a great one.

I can remember when I first embarked on this journey 6 months ago and began my new diet I went through some withdrawals of the bad foods I had eaten for years.  I mean I kinda went through some rough patches.  I remember one night in particular where I was really craving some junk and so I kinda no not kinda I did go on a binge, I ate a whole bunch of health foods.  Now let me just say that overeating in a trailer with only fiber, proteins, gluten and carb free foods is a sure way to clean your system out immediately.  That was a rough night and a lesson was learned.  Hahahaha

I started doing my homework and learned that a lot of the chemicals put in foods have addictive agents in them to keep us craving them.  Not to mention the poisons that affect brain function, cause a multitude of diseases and promote obesity.  I saw a couple of great videos on Youtube this week that I think you may find as interesting as I did.  Still I ate that pizza.  It wasn't that good, I felt horrible.  I used to eat like that every day.  Just like I used to take 4 to 8 pain pills a day, antidepressants, anxiety medication and sleeping pills.

Today my system is much cleaner, I had a hard time letting a few things go like soda, and have finally conquered that battle thank goodness for that.  I noticed that my arthritis hurts more today from the gluten and junk in that pizza so I got creative today and ate a diet that consisted of ingredients that would help me overcome my pain so I didn't have to take more than one pain pill.  I got really creative with my dinner shake and thought I would share the recipe below along with some links that will give you some great information on the benefits for your own health.

I also made another video for you to show me some love and vote on, wink.  I hope you like it.

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I am really working right now on getting moving around and took Marley out twice today to run the bike trial along side of my electric wheel chair.  He loved it and has learned to heel very nicely.  Getting outside is so important, the sun is great for us.  The air, the trees along side the bike trail and the birds were very uplifting for my mood today.  Marley is totally wiped out which is great, being cooped up was getting to him I think.  I am also using my arm weights and think that probably helped the 2 1/4 inches I lost in my chest.

Loving ourselves is a job but it is the best job I have ever had.  I really mean that.  Creating a routine that is physically, mentally and spiritually healthy and treating myself with care is with more rewards than work and the work part is fun anyways.  I just thought it was a chore when I was all doped up on the chemicals in our food supply and brainwashed with the nightly session of tv I watched.

The beginning of waking up really is saying no to the poisons in our life and yes to changes that are more beneficial than I could have ever guessed they would be.

I have been mediating also and getting better at it.  I had an amazing experience that I long to feel again that I have never felt before, I was connected to spirit, love and all of consciousness.   

Thank you all so much for your love and support, have a most blessed night.  I am enjoying a nice cup of relaxation organic tea from Staff of Life that is so much better than those sleeping pills I used to take.  I love all these natural remedies and will never again let any doctor put me on a bunch of pills that cause more problems than they ever solved for me.

One Love

Super Yummy! Dinner Shake, 
Pain Reliever and Anti-Inflammatory

When losing a lot of weight skin elasticity is important, a combination of exercise and foods like mango and carrots are a great tool in tightening up and restoring youthful skin.

*small piece of organic ginger - Juiced
(natural anti-inflammatory)

*2 organic carrots - Juiced
(Super Food high in vitamin A (beta-carotene) builds bones, boost immune, great for skin health)

*1/2 Frozen Banana cut in chunks
(produce serotonin, great for pineal gland. Potassium for muscles)

*frozen mango chunks
(help to maintain the alkali reserve of the body)
Read more:

*dash of cinnamon
(Anti-inflammatory Antioxidants and other Phytonutrient Obesity-Fighters)

*dash of turmeric
(Too many benefits to list, see link below you will be amazed)

*tablespoon of honey
(see link for turmeric for a long list of benefits of honey)

*8oz Unsweetened Coconut Milk

Juice ginger than carrots to wash ginger juice through juicer. Pour over cut up frozen fruit in blender, add two scoops of Vi-Shake Mix, cinnamon, turmeric, honey and blend.


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