Friday, August 24, 2012

Humanities Purpose...

                                                ...Is to Awaken!

When you really think about it, no matter what side of the fence of beliefs you are on, deep down inside of the core of you what do you believe our purpose to be?

I don't want it to end like that for me, no thank you!
I want to enjoy life not now but right now!
We have been conditioned and conformed to believe that our purpose is to do good in school, follow the rules, further our education, start a family, work hard most of our lives so that one day we can relax and say "I made it"  "I am a Success".

Is that how it really ends though?  Look around!  Look within your own family line, how many of your relatives have made it to a comfortable place in life where they no longer have to struggle or worry?  In the mean time what price did they pay to reach this level of supposed comfort?  How much life did they miss out on?  An even bigger question is "WHO benefited from all those years of hard work?", for many of us the answer is Big Business!  NOT US!

I read an article the other day on Positive News (US Addition) about a man by the name of Jon Jandai who is a farmer from Northeast Thailand.

"Jon Jandai is a farmer from northeastern Thailand. After dropping out of university he founded the Pun Pun Center for Self-reliance and sustainability. He shares why he thinks that life is easy, during an inspiring talk at"

I was inspired by Jandai's story and thought to myself how easy life can truly be when what matters most is our true concern in life, our true desire for gain.  We think we are gaining our whole lives as we work and hustle to acquire things and stuff that we use up, throw away and replace with the latest "gotta get it" stuff!

Today I want to create more memories like the ones from
my past that didn't involve gaining stuff by drowning in the
rat race we have come to know as living a successful life!
Looking back over my own life the truly happiest moments in my life were those that did not involve "stuff".  My happiest moments came from living in the moment of life.  The births of my Children, the sound of laughter coming from their room late at night when they were supposed to be in bed always made me happy and reminded me of my own childhood fond memories of my Sister and I giggling under the covers.

My happiest moments in life were moments of being surrounded by friends and family who came together to celebrate just being together.  Again stuff was not a part of that.  We all had very little but together we had so much.  I imagine that Jon Jandai and his family are rich beyond most of our imaginations in the areas of life that honestly matter the most.

I remember one of the best times of my life being a time when we really had nothing.  When I say nothing I mean we were homeless.  My first husband, myself and our 1 year old son along with my oldest son and his oldest son who were both 5 years old at the time ended up living in various camp grounds in Santa Cruz along with my life long friend Lavada, her boyfriend and her son who was 4.  We lived in camp grounds long enough to save money to rent a place to call home.  The irony of this was that our time living in the outdoors was just as much if not more of a home than having a structure over our head that kept us working hard to maintain it.  We lived a good life in those camp sites and the kids loved it.  They never even knew we were struggling and we shared so much during those couple months.  We did everything together and enjoyed many moments of laughter and love.  We were honestly happy! We felt alive!

In the past 8 months on this Journey for Change I have learned much about myself and the world around me.  I have gone through different stages of emotional development and spiritual growth.  My happiest moments thus far on this Journey have been the many connections I have made along the way with like minded people who value that in life which money cannot buy.  Good people, common folk.  Glen and Theresa are a great example of some of my new friends I have made along the way.  Though we have parted paths we stay in constant contact, rarely going more than a week or so without talking.

I have made other friends as well who deeply serve in my personal growth and for no reason other than they are honest and good people they have helped me along this Journey in many ways.  Some newer friendships that are forming have begun in the most unorthodox ways.

For example; One morning I was meditating to the Key Of Life symbol.  During my time of silence I asked Spirit some questions.  Shortly after while in the shower (which by the way is a place for me that I usually hear that inner voice, some connection I have to water that I am not completely sure why but know it exist) I heard my voice in my head say the word "Negratin" I thought to myself "What is Negratin?" the voice replied "look it up!"

I am babysitting this week for my Sis and Friend and forgot to look it up right after my shower and continued on with my morning routine with the kids.  By lunch my older Nephew and his friends awoke from the back house and joined me in the kitchen while I was cooking lunch for the little ones and ended up making them breakfast as well, lol.  I recalled the message in the shower while talking with the older boys about the Journey and shared it with them.  One of them asked me how it is spelled and I said I am not really sure but when I heard it I pictured it being spelled Negratin.  He looked it up and told me that it was a lake in Spain.  "You're kidding" I exclaimed. "that is odd, just last night out of the blue me and my Sister where finishing up Kaili's room and I said out of nowhere Hey Sis, lets go to Spain!"  She replied, your funny!  I said "Yeah, I know huh!" and we both laughed without giving my out of nowhere suggestion a second thought.

The boys thought is was funny that I had brought up Spain and then out of nowhere heard this word in my head that I have never heard before.  Not to mention I know nothing about Spain or have never had plans to travel there and don't even know why I suggested to my little Sissy we go there, especially when we weren't discussing travel or vacation plans.

I decided to do some homework online on this lake Negratin.  I discovered it is a man made reservoir constructed in 1984.  I clicked on Google images to see more photos of the lake and double clicked on the first one that caught my eye.  It took me to a blog with the One Love colors on it written by an awesome woman sharing her story about

for the past 2 years her and her boyfriend left their house and life as they knew it behind and went travelling in a van. within a couple of months they connected with this wonderful italian couple who were also travelling in a van. As they traveled their relationship grew closer and closer. last summer her and her boyfriend went back to the uk for a few months and their new friends went back to italy. In may this year they met back up in spain & have travelled together ever since. They are now best friends and have really connected. The travel together and are learning together to bring love where ever we go.  And wherever they go they travel with an open heart offering love to all in their path.  They earn only enough to fill their bellies and strive to make less of an impact on our earth.  They are amazing souls, models of what matters most in life!

Here are some of this amazing woman and new friends links, check her and and her friends out, they seriously Rock!

So I wrote them an email explaining how I came across their blog in complete honesty.  I believe I said something like "I know this might sound crazy, but..."  Well they wrote me back and we have been writing back and forth and getting to know each other since.    Neither of us questioning how we came to meet and both of us trusting in our inner voice that sings of change and the desire to seek out other like creators of change.

All that to say this... I think I am truly beginning to understand my purpose in life, the answers to my questions in life are within me.  I need only awaken to that truth to discover the rest.  I believe our purpose is to awaken to the truth inside of us.  Our ability to trust ourselves, ability to hear that inner all knowing voice and act upon it in faith is a goal worth striving for I believe.

Our inner voice doesn't tell us everything,
 however it does tell us what we need to know
 when we are listening!
Some may call me crazy and certainly are entitled to their opinions of me.  Some may say that my story of Negratin is mere coincidence or fiction, again they are entitled to their opinion.  See, we have been trained not to listen to ourselves, not to trust our inner voice or believe others who try to help us to do so.  Back in the days women who had strong intuition were burned at the stake and called witches.  Yet we all have said at one point in our lives... "I knew that was gonna happen, I should have listened to myself!" and then we continue on not listening to ourselves.

For me, my nephew and his friends who helped me look up Negratin and witnessed the union of a new friendship being formed, my listening to my inner voice who I know as Spirit/My Creator is what brought me to knowing other people in the world who believe in what I believe in and that is change for us all.

I am awakening to many truths on this Journey.  The biggest truth of awakening for me is the realization that the answers were in me all along, all I had to do was seek them, listen to them and trust myself and my Creator enough to act on them.

I have been seeing lots and lots of stuff all over the net about 2012 and while some are freaked out about what is happening to our world and some are totally indifferent to it, somehow I am excited and at peace with it all.  I think that is because I realize now that what is happening externally is of little consequence to me now that I am working internally to be joy and peace, the joy and peace that was within my reach all along.  I think that is really all that matters.  Learning to let ourselves learn, after all that is what we are here for, to learn and grow and in order to do that we cannot walk through life asleep.  So that is why I believe our purpose is to awaken.  Awaken to the truths inside of us and live in a state of Gratitude for what is, then what can be is magical.

We also need to be able to laugh at life, stop taking "THINGS" so seriously.  Our success in life is not measured by what we have but by who we are!

I love you all from a place of knowing all is as it has always been meant to be and I am so blessed to be on this course in life today.  Today I know who I am more and more, my unconditional love of self is expanding in ways I can only express by saying I love you without condition or expectation of return!

One Love

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