Thursday, August 16, 2012

I remember...

                                             ...laughing with my little sister!

Meet my new boyfriend Roberto Roboto, he claimed me in the toy section
yesterday and we are to cool for school, haha!
We were supposed to be sleeping but thought it would be much more fun to lay under the covers taking turns making up jokes.  I was 8 and she was 5.  Till this day for some reason we both remember the stupidest joke I made up that had us laughing for about 20 minutes.  Looking back the joke is not that funny but then for some reason it was the funniest joke in the world to her and I as we bellowed out of control laughs under the covers trying to cover our mouths so that we didn't get busted.

Me:  "What did the curly hair say to the straight hair?"
Sissy: "what?"
Me:  "You're straight because you go to church!"

We had our goofy moments growing up.  Only having had each other most days we cherished things like laughter and found many ways to create it together.  I have always been the bigger jokester of us two and yesterday was no different, haha.  We had one of those goofy days together, a great day of laughing and good times that even the kids couldn't help but get in on the fun!

I love eating healthy with my Sissy on this diet, I feel great!
It was one of those days that makes you feel a little younger, a lot happier and helps you to remember why laughter is the most amazing gift a family can bond with.  It started as my sister left for work and the kids woke up to me in one of my "lets have some fun" moods.

 Everything flowed effortlessly as we got the house cleaned, all got showered and dressed and had my Sissy's lunch ready and on the table when she came home.  Then we ran and talked to the RV park here for information on a future move here, took the kids to the park and headed down to Capitola for an awesome concert on the beach.  We met up with Shannon and her good friend John who was really cool and enjoyed the good music as the kids danced around and on the stage!

At the end of the night I sat outside with my oldest nephew Sean reminiscing on the good memories his mother and I shared growing up.  After me telling him some stories he looked at me and said "I can see why you are so protective over my Mom now Auntie JoJo" I replied "yeah neph, she and I were all we had a good portion of our lives, she is my One Person!"

Roberto Roboto helps navigate us to the concert, haha
When I say she is my One Person I mean that over the years she has always been the person that no matter what has never abandoned me or written me off.  God knows there were times when she could have.  She didn't, she always stood by my side through thick and thin.  I can't imagine my life without her in it.  We are that close.  We are so close in fact that we tend to do things pretty much the same in a strange way.

Goofy days are the best days!  No matter what happens, what comes our way it is always up to us how we enjoy our day!

For example.  We were both born on the 9th day of the month.  Strangely enough our Social Security numbers are only off by the last 4 digits and our drivers license only off by the last two digits.  We didn't get them at the same time or even in the same state!  We both had our first children at the end of summer, both boys, both names beginning with S.  Both had our second sons in the end of spring and both had our third child a daughter on the same day 2 years and 2 hours apart.  We both had gestational diabetes in our third pregnancy, both had pre labor for three weeks before we both had to be induced.

Roberto getting to know my Sissy, he is such a playboi, haha
We can't go more than a week without speaking and it has always been that way.  My little Sissy is the most amazing Mother, Sister, Wife and Friend I know.  She is everything to a lot of people and I am so proud of her.

It feels so good to be on the right path in life, to have the love and support
of family and friends and to be loving me now!  I am truly living the power of
positive thought and gratitude today.  For that I am so blessed!
Today is my swim in the ocean with my nephews Sean and Nikcy while Kaili Mae and Sean's girlfriend Kamala cheer us on from shore.  Sean is going to be videoing the swim for my challenge channel while me and Nicky both attempt to overcome our fears and swim out and around the buoy.  I went shopping for a bathing suit 2 days ago and got a little down trying them on.  Those mirrors and institutional lights are not our friend, haha.  Instead of letting that discourage me I decided to turn around those feelings and use them as fuel to succeed.  My brother told me this morning that if I get back down to 200 he will buy me a ticket to Costa Rica!  Haha, gotta love the love and support I have going on right now.

I felt the 21 pounds I have lost so far while walking down to the concert last night, Shannon who was walking beside me said..."Look at you with your 21 pound wight loss walking lighter on your feet JoJo, I am so proud of you" that was really cool to hear.  I hadn't even noticed how much lighter my step was till she mentioned it.

Having the support of my Sister, Nephews and Great Friends along with my Vi-Family is amazing and I am very grateful and blessed to be so loved and supported.

Shawna, My Sissy Tamar and Jessica!  I am loving my Vi-Babes! You all rock and I am blessed to have you all in my life!

Well off I go to get ready for a day at the beach!  Wish me luck and strength on my swim.  I love you all from a place of feeling encouraged to believe in myself to better my life!

Better than I used to be by loving me!

One Love

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