Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lets all make believe...

                                                ...we can change the world with dreams~

Humor me for a bit please, smile!  I woke up at 2am this morning, unable to return to sleep after the most amazing dreams of wild flowers and double sunrises.  In my dreams I could create with a mere thought and create I did.  I sat beside my little Sister thinking of cat tails in all colors of the rainbow and they appeared before our eyes, she laughed in excitement and thought of daisies in every imaginable color and they appeared.  We both laughed and continued.

What a great dream.  The thought occurred to me as I sat here sipping my coffee, what if it were that simple and then I asked myself one of my favorite questions... "what if it is?!"

I understand that in this dense reality we live in creating is a much slower process and understandably so.  Most of us have little to no control over our thoughts as we live most of our lives viewing them as separate from us rather than taking responsibility for them.  Creating our reality here takes a while, takes repeat intent, takes repeat belief of what is, what can be and unfortunately on most days we are led by what was.

But what if we all decided to be responsible for our thoughts.  Lived life as if each though created the reality we live in.  I think things would change quicker than not.  I really believe that because in just 8 months I have changed so much.  In the 42 years before this 8 months I created a life for me of pain and doubt.  In only 8 months I have faced fear after fear and begun to create a new reality for myself.

So for me, creating our own reality is real!  I still have moments where those old negative energies try to occupy my mind, moments of doubt, moments of fear.  However, today I have tools!  Today I am prepared for those negative energies and entities and no longer avoid them, I acknowledge them, accept that they are in me, offer them unconditional love and healing then command they return to Spirit for purification.  Facing our fears is what's up.

I realize today that living avoiding the bad feelings, the scary feelings, the painful feelings is exactly what I was trained to do.  I had to retrain myself.  What if we all retrained ourselves.  It's not so hard you know.  All it really takes is a choice.  A choice to let go of what you have been conditioned to believe gives you security and grasp a hold of what sustains you.   A choice to care more about who we are than what we have.  A choice to wish the same for all others that you wish for yourself.  A choice to heal the pain of past and let it go.  A choice to no longer worry about the future but rather be grateful for the here and the now so that you can create the future of your dreams.

For those of you who have been following along with me the past 8 months, you know how screwed up I was at the beginning of this journey.  You know how far I have come in such a short time and you know pretty much each step it took to get here.  For those of you just joining let me tell you that I was pretty screwed up at the beginning of this, haha.

For all of us lets have some fun this week, lets make believe that we can change the world with believing in our dreams of a better world for us all.  Imagine what that world would be like, look like, smell like, taste like, feel like.  Imagine that you and all others are living in a place of love and harmony and then pretend that each thought you think creates the reality we all live in and think accordingly.

For those of you who think this a waste of time I urge you the most to give it a try.  I mean, what have you got to lose?  Oh wait, you need to be focused on staying stressed and unhappy right? Haha, come on join us and lets have a better week.  One where rather than getting pissed off at the car who moves out of turn at the stop sign you decide to let them go first out of understanding that they haven't found that place of peace in enjoying each moment in life, even the moments stuck in rush hour traffic.  Use each moment of your days this week that are normally spent on worrying about this and that to grow your imagination a little.  Make a conscience choice to think happy thoughts, especially towards those who you would normally think ill thoughts towards.  If it gets hard ask for help from who ever you consider your spirit guide.

If nothing else happens you will have had a better week and that alone makes this little game of make believe worth trying.

One more thing, try to give 10 minutes a day to silence.  Just be still, and listen.  I Love you all from a place of loving the power of dreams, realizing the magic of believing in more than I can see and understanding my own ability to change my own reality.

Have a most amazing week~
One Love
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