Monday, August 6, 2012

My Relationship with ME!

Today is day 12 of my 90 day challenge on ViSalus.  I feel great and can tell I am losing weight which is really cool, ya know.

I made a new video this morning that I want to share with ya'll.  In this one you get to see the other side of me, haha.  The me without getting all cute first.  Funny thing is that I really liked this video.  I remember not so long ago I would have been embarrassed to show you a less made up side of me, well not no more.  Nope, loving me is what's up and I love me any way I am.  That rocks!

I have had a great day, good and bad things happened that all turned out to be good things.  I really think that is what life is all about my friends.  Making the bad times what they are, they are good times in disguise.  I mean if you think about it the bad times are really blessings in disguise most days.  It is just super cool when we get to see the blessings so quick and so clearly.

I am cooking up a bunch of food right now because my freezer thawed when I ran out of propane.  Last month I lost my food this month I am not going out like that, haha.  Right now I am making some ground turkey and chicken breast with marinara and zucchini, yummy.  And I have a bunch of chicken breast marinating in teriyaki sauce for the next meal.  I am going to bag up measured out portions and than freeze them.  Kinda a good idea actually, one I was doing before that worked really well.  I got rid of my microwave in a moment of anger over an article I read on radiation, haha.  Hey, learning all this new stuff about health can get a little overwhelming some days and I can get a little over zealous I guess.  No worries I will just heat my meals to good ole fashioned way, in a pan.

I wanted to tell ya'll about the voting system on the video too, a couple people have suggested I do so because is is confusing.  So you have to be logged into Facebook to vote.  Your vote is private and I never see it.  If you go to the link I provide under each video it will take you to my Challenge Channel on Facebook where you can vote by clicking on the numbers under the video.  There is a scale of numbers from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best.  Voting helps me to win the contest and I really appreciate your support.

Much love to you all I hope you like the video and hope you are all having a most wonderful evening.

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