Sunday, August 12, 2012

My ViSalus Team...

                                         ... Is making a believer out of me!

Me and my beautiful niece Kaili Mae
Good morning my friends I am writing to you this morning from Sunny Santa Cruz.  My Sissy picked me and Mr. Marley up on Friday so that we could spend the week down here with the Family.  I was super happy when my Sister offered to drive up with my niece Kaili to pick me up, so after mine and Marley's cruise on the bike trail we got busy packing and before I knew it I was in the car with Tamar and Kaili listening to music and singing along.

My niece Kaili Mae, Sister Tamar and nephew Nicky getting their peace
on while riding with my bro bro Todd and I to the Art and Wine festival
 in Scotts Valley, what a great day with family.
 I am so blessed to be in this place in life today
where I can enjoy life with loved ones!
I hadn't had a chance to upload my day 16 video so it is below along with the link for you to go to my challenge channel if you want to vote on my video.  My last video was quite emotional because I was really nervous about my version of a work out.  By facing my fears and pushing past them I was able to gain the confidence to make another video without feeling scared about posting it.  That is the awesome power of overcoming our fears, we get to realize they don't own us, we own them and can let them go when ever we have the strength to face them.

Yesterday was amazing, awesome and enlightening for me.  I started the day with my niece Kaili and nephew Nicky in the hot tub, then we played some card games while my brother cooked up pancakes for the kids and Tamar and I made our morning Vi-Shakes.  Then we got ready and headed down the hill to the Scotts Valley Art and Wine Festival.  Not having my wall-e chair with me I had to do some walking and really pushed myself.  I am paying for it today with lots of pain in my joints.  However, I feel great emotionally and am more driven than ever after going to my first Challenge Party at one of my ViSalus Team members house.  Jenny threw an awesome party and I made some new friends, signed one of my favorite people and learned what being part of this team really means.

My Family Rocks!!!

One day soon Sissy I will be running across the finish line beside you!
I made some new friends who really touched my heart, Max you're awesome! Thank you for sharing your very inspiring story with me you really made me feel like I too can do this.  Michelle, nice to meet a kindred spirit I do believe we will be great support for each other to stay headed in a positive direction.  Jenny, you threw an awesome party and helped me to realize what being part of this team is about.  Monica your energy is amazing and I was in awe of you and your positive attitude about helping change peoples lives.  Seeing Carlyn, Murphy and hanging with my Sissy just made my day.

Having the love and support of my family fills me up with so much
joy and go power, thank you so much guys for all you do for me!
Overall what I realized about ViSalus yesterday is that this is not just a fad diet.  This is about changing lives.  I am seeing the changes in my own life already.  The really cool thing about this is I don't just get to change my life I get to help others and that is so important for me.  I could go GNC or some other place and find products that are probably equally as good and cost a hell of lot more and make those big companies money.  With this product I get to help my friends make money and change their health and that to me is so much better than lining the pockets of some big company who really only cares about themselves anyways.

I am no longer afraid of change, no longer ashamed of who I am, no longer
do I have to wear a mask or accept less in life than I deserve, I know I deserve
to succeed, deserve to love myself and I know I GOT THIS!
When I got here on Friday, my Sister our awesome friend Jessica and I weighed myself.  I was surprised to see that I was at 375.8 pounds.  Considering I have lost almost 4 inches in my waist now and after my weigh in this morning I have figured out that I am losing over a pound a day.  So I can safely guess my start weight at 393 pounds.  This morning I weighed in at 372.3 pounds.  How awesome to see over a 3 pound loss in only 2 days and a total loss of 20 pounds in about 2.5 weeks, I know I can reach my goal now.  When I started this journey I weighed a whopping 419 pounds.  Eating healthier has helped but joining ViSalus is doing more than helping it is changing my life.  I cannot tell you how I feel right now.  I am in tears telling you my weight and not because I am ashamed like I would have been in the past.  I am in tears because I now KNOW that in 6 months I will look back at this post and the beginning of this challenge and be so grateful I started now, I will see my videos and read these posts as a new me who is more able than I am today to live a fuller life that I can truly be proud of and I couldn't be doing this without my belief in myself and the encouragement of you great people on my ViSalus team who are becoming family to me, thank you for helping me change my life.

My niece offers me a flower for my hair as she wears one of my bandannas 
I welcome anyone out there who is inspired and wants to join the crew to email me and lets do this together. I am realizing that working on me is about all of me.  My inner and outer me are one now that I am really pushing myself to believe I can get this weight off.  Working on loving myself and forgiving myself has brought me to this place where I am so ready to do this and having the support of My Vi-Family is just what I needed.  I would love to be able to offer that support to others out there who want to change their life also so by all means come on and join the team and lets work together to change our lives and the lives of others along the way.

You can also visit my ViSalus page and learn more about what I am doing and the challenge at

ViSalus got my sissy down to her pre-wedding weight and I
get to share these accomplishments with her now on my
own challenge one day we will share clothes again and
that fricken rocks!
I remember a day when all I had were reasons why I couldn't do this.  I also remember the lies I told myself. I used to pretend I was okay with my weight.  My sister said to me this morning after I told her that I would have been too embarrassed to share a video like the one I made Friday with the world that she never knew I was ashamed of my weight because I always acted so confident about who I was.  I made fat jokes, I made skinny jokes.  I pretended to myself and others that I was happy how I was.  The truth is I wasn't.  That was just a defense to protect the underlying truth and pain I felt over what I had allowed myself to become by not loving me.  We watched my newest video together and my sister with her hands on my shoulders said to me... "I am so proud of you JoJo, you are so brave and I love seeing you so excited and honest about this!"  It felt so good to have my little sister be proud of me again.  It feels good to know that I am on a good path taking me a positive direction with positive friends and family who only want the best for me.

Thank you so much to my awesome family for believing
I have felt lonely a lot on this Journey because I have left behind my old crowd and spent the last 8 months really getting to know me, heal me, learning to love me.  Today I am seeing the rewards of sticking to this, today I am making new friends who really want to see me excel and succeed in life.  I am no longer who I was, nope, today I am a new me and becoming a most amazing me.  That's the power of love.

Thank you for joining me on this Journey, there has been so much love and support along the way and today I am seeing more than ever the rewards in life of loving self, today I am attracting others who get it, others who love themselves.  When we love ourselves we can't help but love others and want the best for others.  We no longer need to compete or put others down to feel better about us.  We get to celebrate others success as much as our own, we aren't haters we become congratulators and live a much happier life!

I love you all from a place of feeling whole, accepted, loved and encouraged!  Have a most blessed day!!!

Please follow this link to vote for your girl on my Go JoJo Challenge Showdown Channel!  Thank you so much for your support and love, you all make the difference for me in more ways than I can express here and I love ya'll so much.  I am really excited about the difference this weight loss will do in helping me finish the tree of life, recover from my knee surgeries and getting me on the road for change!


One Love
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