Friday, August 3, 2012


Good Morning Sunshine! 
Let your love shine upon us this day to remind us that we are loved by your radiance~

Feeling Blessed for the love I have for life today, the love I am today!
This has been an amazing morning for me, I woke moments before 4am with the most amazing sense of feeling whole, connected and alive.  I must have danced with the stars and sang with the moon last night because the sun greeted me with eagerness to have it's fun with me too.

Dreamy yes I know, that is where I am today.  I hit the button on the coffee pot and surfed the web as the gurgles played like music to my ears.  I ran across some stories online that I want to talk about this morning.  They affect us all, they might not be happening where you are but they affect us all be sure of that.

The road to change is bright, is abundant with possibility!
Embrace Change!
First I want to give a big shout out to Iceland, Ireland, the UK, USA, Switzerland, India, France, Russia and Austria for taking a stand against the bankers whose time has passed for controlling the 99% of us who are awakening in abundant numbers.  This was a great discovery this morning for me, one of celebration for the changes taking place within us.  We are changing, we are waking up and changing our world together and that ROCKS!

Preserve life, Protect life, Love life!
Before I get to excited about Ireland I want to say to the Government of Ireland... "Don't do it!  Don't allow GMO potatoes for your people.  Look around you, around the world, things are changing there is so much more at stake than your own well being.  Represent the people of your beautiful Country and stand beside them, with them!  Don't give into threats, your people got your back!  Besides would you rather live true or perish a coward?  I'm just saying!  Protect your people from GMO foods, the deserve that and you know it!"

Our Spirits soar even when, especially when we are challenged to hold onto hope!
And to the people of Ireland, stand strong in peace and love, you got this!  I love you and hope you know that all is unfolding as it should.  My positive thoughts and prayers are with you and your Country.

No matter where I am or where I be God's love shines bright on me~
After catching up on some of the world events I showered and took Mr. Marley out for a run on the bike trail in the crisp morning air.  Wow, what an amazing ride today was, truly beautiful and invigorating.  I noticed flowers, trees, dragon fly's including a baby one that followed beside me for a time.  Was sung to by birds, felt connected with all that is an prayed much as I rolled along with the moon shinning clearly to the right of me and the sun rising brightly to the left of me.  For a moment in time I was in the center of the Universe surrounded by love and light, seriously moving experience.

I love you so much Mr Marley, thank you for being my Guardian Angel!

Marley ran with beside my chair with electric like excitement.  He also made a friend along the way and enjoyed a moment of getting to know the new guy I hope we see again as they connected so well so fast.

Whatever lies ahead I know one thing for sure... Love will keep me!
It is now only a bit after 9am and I have lived so much already today. I am full of gratitude for this moment and feel a strong sense that change is upon us in a major way.  I can't quite put my finger on it but I know in my heart of hearts that what ever it is it will bring about the most benevolent outcome for us all.

I am truly learning that even when things happen that appear like pure chaos they are followed by peace and joy.  Keep your heads my friends no matter what comes Our way on any day, focus on here and now and know that together we are one and can weather any storm, it is what is inside of us that brings to us the world we know.

Cleanse that inside, let out the pain, the anger, the resentments, the confusion, let go of the fears and embrace the love we were all born to return to, be love!

I love you from a most magical place of confidence this morning, thank you for joining me!

One Love~
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