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Yesterday some amazing things happened for two generations of this family.  Last night while I celebrated my swim around the buoy at the Village in Capitola, Ca.  My Mother celebrated the release of her Memoir "Starfish".  I am so proud of us both.  While I have begun making changes in my life to follow my dreams my Mother has reached one of her biggest dreams, publishing her book.  She has worked for 8 years to write, edit, rewrite, edit, rewrite and publish her memoir.

I am so proud of you Mom, you worked so hard for years to share your story with us all, I cannot wait to read it! 
You can order a copy of my Mothers book here...

Facing our fears, pains and struggles shows us
the rewards in life we deserve to celebrate!
The really cool part about all this is that we (My Mother and I) are able to share all this today.  After many years of not being very close we are now very close, we begun to rebuild our relationship about 8 months ago when I started this my own journey of change and recovery.  Honestly it wasn't until the last 3 years before this Journey that I truly understood that we all have our own breaking points in life.  I had to reach mine to understand hers.  Since I have been working for several years myself on my own book I know how much time and hard work goes into completing a dream and project like this.  There is so much to be relived in the pages of a book that speaks to the heart and soul of our lives pains and struggles, triumphs and successes.  My mother has completed this long road of sharing with the rest of us her own battles in life and how she overcame them and I am at the beginning of doing the same myself in many ways.  It is so awesome to have her in my life through this and I am truly blessed to be able to share in her celebration.  Reading her story, our story will be a major step for me in my own recovery and life changes I am sure.
Yesterday I realized something about myself, I realized that "I CAN".  I have been disabled for so long that I got too used to saying "I CAN'T".  Yesterday I swam around the buoy with my Nephews Sean and Anthony while my Sister Tamar, Niece Kaili, Nephew Nicky and Awesome Friend Shannon cheered me on. The water was sooooooo cold, haha.  And I was having a hard time controlling my breathing with the water being that cold but didn't let it stop me and swam out to the buoy and back in under 15 minutes.  When I stepped onto the beach I was dizzy and walking as if I had just spun in circles for a while.  All the blood rushing through my body and endorphin's had me spinning for a few minutes.

As I sat on the beach catching my breath I thought to myself... "wow self you did that!"  I also realized that I can do this, I can lose this weight, get in shape, live my dreams and also finish my own book.

 I went to my dear friend Murphy's first Challenge part last night and was asked if I would stand up and share with the party my own story of weight loss in the last 3 weeks on this 90 day challenge through ViSalus.  It felt good to stand up in front of everyone and share how much has changed for me in my life in just the past 3 weeks.  It felt good to know that my story can encourage others to also believe they too can change their lives because I know well what it feels like to feel hopeless and stuck.  There was a time when I pretended that I accepted my weight because I had grown to believe I couldn't do anything about it.  I had grown to accustomed to saying "I CAN'T".  I was also lazy and that was because I didn't believe in myself!

My Nephew Sean asked me while we were swimming yesterday... "Auntie JoJo, why are you doing this?" I answered "Because I want to live! I want to live a full life!  I want to go to Tahoe with you! I want to go rafting with you! I want to surf again!  I want to live!"  I told him last night that it feels so good to know that I don't have to die in 10 years because I am fat.  I have a totally curable condition... Obesity is curable!  He and Anthony made me feel great with their belief in me and only strengthened my own beliefs in myself!

This is just the beginning of MY TRANSFORMATION!

Coming home to read my Mothers email announcing the release of her book was the highlight of the night!  Two generations of women who have spent a good portion of our lives struggling with the pain of our childhoods, both now celebrating overcoming our pain and fears is amazing and calls for a lot of long over due celebration in this family!

I recorded my swim for my challenge channel, I would love your support and votes.  I do believe you have to be logged into Facebook to vote and provided the link to my challenge channel below.  When I get back to One Love I am going to work really hard on finishing my own book while I read my Mothers.

Visit my Challenge Channel to vote on all my videos!

Reaching my goals is no longer a distant thought it is now the life I am living each and every day!  To all my friends and readers out there, any of you that may feel down, feel lost, feel like you can't!  I am here to tell you that YOU CAN!  In only 8 months I have changed my life in so many ways and today I am joy!  Shannon said to my Sister on the beach while I was swimming around that buoy "There is such a big change in her, she is like a totally different person!"  You know, there was a time when I didn't think people believed in me and that was because I didn't believe in myself!  All I had to do was do the work to love me, believe in me and more and more each day I am surrounded with more people who believe in me and want me to succeed!  When I didn't want to succeed I was surrounded by people who didn't want to succeed and didn't want to see me do so either!  Today that has changed and the key was ME!


Have a most awakening day!  I love you all from a place of celebration of life and all that it offers being ours to be grateful for!

One Love

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