Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Surfs Up!

I set a new goal today and sealed it with a deal between me and my beautiful smart Sister Tamar.

My new goal is to surf again.  In our teen years we were in foster care on the beautiful island of Maui.  While not all of our time there was beautiful there is one memory that always takes me to that place of peace and joy.  Over the years I have found a great escape in revisiting my time surfing the spectacular waves of Maui.

When I was in the Ocean I was free from the world on land, the abuse, the pain all washed away in the tide for an hour or so a day.  As soon as my feet touched the sand of the beach the burdens of being in a foster care system that had little care or concern for the children it was meant to protect disappeared into the millions of grains of sand that stretched out across the beautiful beaches of Maui.

My Sister and Me at the beach on Maui! We always had each other and still do today!  I love you Sis!

I was always the first in the water and the last out.  At the young age of 12 as a beginner I picked up the art of surfing with ease as I was born a water baby, grew up in the oceans of Southern and Northern California. As a dare devil I never worried about things like sharks or sting rays and we saw many of them in the beautiful waters.  I thought then that to get bitten by a shark couldn't be much worse than life with my foster parent and welcomed the sharks to be my friends.

I remember the cuts and scrapes on my legs from the coral reefs of some of the beaches we surfed daily.  They to me were no worse than the scars on the back of my legs from the many beatings with horse crops and hangers I endured also pretty much daily.  I remember blaming it all on the reefs when asked in Gym Class why all the bruises and scrapes on my legs.  Telling the truth did little to help me other than alert my foster parent and bring me more punishment.

Some of my happiest childhood memories were with these horses and on
a surf board while living on Maui with my little Sister!
While I suffered much as a child I also grew much strength and character from it all.  My time in the ocean was the best time of my life next to my time in the rodeo.  I can still remember winning my first belt buckle for the barrel races.  Those were happy days as we had been moved to our third foster parent who was an amazing and loving woman and gave us one of the best years of our lives before returning home to our Mother in Santa Cruz in 1984 after she graduated from Sunflower House an intensive program for hard core addicts.

I am planning my next personal challenge for this week.  My nephew is going to wear his GoPro camera he just got and record me swimming out to the buoy and back here in Santa Cruz.  I did some laps yesterday at one of my Sisters friends pool and have been pushing myself to get my endurance up for the swim.  In thinking about this challenge I have remembered my time in the ocean growing up and also thought about 10 years ago when I lost 140 pounds and was at the weight of 200 and able to fit a size 14 wet suit.  My Sister and I took our boys surfing for mothers day and relived some of our childhood good memories out on the water here in Santa Cruz, Ca.

I want to surf again, this time thought I don't want it to be an escape from my world on land I want it to be part of my life.  I no longer need to escape life or the memories of it as I am finally living life for me, loving me.  I feel so good today, knowing that each day that passes I am a day closer to again riding down the face of a wave feeling the ocean air on my face and feeling the thrill of the ride.  Oh I miss that feeling.

So today aside from my goal of reaching 200 pounds again I am setting a new goal of getting back on the board and surfing.  My Sister was so excited by the goal that she made me a deal that we will go back to Maui together and surf Lahina together one more time!  I am in tears just thinking about it!  Tamar and I have good and bad memories of Maui.  It feels so good to be at a place in my life where I am really letting go of the bad ones by acknowledging the pain and healing it with forgiveness and love!  It feels even better that I am getting healthy all the way around, mind, body and spirit and the next time I catch a wave in Maui beside my little sister it will be in celebration of life not to escape it!

I love you Sissy, your love and support has brought me so far, I plan on taking me the rest of the way and making you so proud of me you won;t know what to do with yourself, haha!

ViSalus~ Changing lives one shake at a time! GET ER DONE!
I love and appreciate my new ViSalus family so much for all the encouraging words of support and know in my heart I am really beginning to take off now on a path toward total fitness and health.  I am so glad I finally made the decision to do this.  I know it took me 3 plus months to get on board Sis, thank you for not giving up on me or I might not have this all happening for me right now.  Being a part of this team and on this diet is just what I needed to take the next step for my health and life.

I made a new Challenge Showdown video to share my new goal and announce my weight loss of 20 pounds in just over 2 weeks.  I was so juiced making the video I said in just under 2 weeks, haha, my mistake and we all know how much I love mistakes.  Mistakes give us the opportunity to build character by correcting them.  I don't ever want to be perfect I just want to be the best me I can be!

I also came up with my new motto today... GET ER DONE!  I have been saying it for years however, the difference is now I am actually getting er done the right way for the right reasons!!!

I love ya'll from a place of knowing that I can do this!  I can "GET ER DONE"!

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Have a most amazing and blessed day

One Love

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