Friday, August 31, 2012


Yesterday morning I picked up both of my Sons who were happy and eager to spend the day with their Mother helping paint One Love.  What an amazing day.  Without complaint or sibling rivalry they both worked all day through the heat and into the night to get as much painting done as possible.

Semaj, your smile so bright warms my heart. I love you Son
If you know my two Sons the lack of sibling rivalry is a miracle in itself, haha.  Laughter filled the air around One Love as they both worked together with Semaj drawing the tree and Brandon painting in the lines.  Then Brandon and I made stencils and put the blog address on One Love after he painted the ocean all the way around from front to back.  We got so much done and plan on continuing today with hopes of being done in time so that we can Christen One Love here before I leave with their hand prints.

My oldest is a comedian and an artist like his Mother
My Grandchildren are eagerly waiting word that they get to join in on the festivities and add their precious little hands to the Tree Of Life.  My friends are all on stand by as well as the park here.  How awesome it will be to drive out of Sacramento with a send off like that.  And how Awesome it was to spend the day with my Sons, a day where we really sealed our bond and I realized how proud they are of me and how much they believe in this Journey.

Teamwork~ Love it!!!
They have supported this Journey for some time.  In the beginning they thought I had lost it, haha.  My oldest Semaj wanted to have me committed.  He thought the idea of his disabled Mother traveling to strange places in a little travel trailer being painted with no truck was not only crazy but unsafe.  In fact I had to change my phone number for the first month I left as I couldn't handle the arguments and I needed to disconnect from many in my life so I only allowed a select few to have my number who understood what I was doing and supported my choice.

We hold our pencil the same way, I love that!
It only took about a month for the boys to come around and by month three Brandon was visiting me in Stockton, Ca at my third location.  Since then they have both grown very fond of what I am doing and proud of what is happening to me.  Something happened during my stop here in Sacramento this past two months, something changed.  Through working out our past issues, making our amends and strengthening our bond my Sons have began to do more than like what they see.

Thank you Semaj, I appreciate you so much!
Today they believe in this Journey's Purpose.  They actually told me they believe I am helping bring change for us all and believe in me.  They are proud of me and believe in me and that feels great.  This Journey is changing a few people that is for sure and those changes fell like miracles all day long to me.

My handsome Sons!

I will keep you all updated on our progress, the wind is blowing today and it looks like we may get a break from the heat, great day to paint, YEAH!

Looking Like His Momma!

Have a most blessed day with the most benevolent results for yourself and all of life.  I love you from a place of pure joy for the here and now.  This is only the beginning, every day is a new beginning and every day I thank myself and my creator for the courage I had to begin this Journey.  I thank myself for lifting my mind, body and spirit to a higher level in this life.

I cannot imagine ever going back to the small minded person I was before all this.  Living life with love for all things, appreciation for all that is good and bad equally and intending no harm to anything or anyone is such freedom.  Thank you Spirit for showing me the way.

One Love
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