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T&Y Tire Guys you seriously Rock!
I sat under the full branches of a shade tree at T&Y Tire Service this morning while the tears on my face began to dry.  The four men working quite busily were happy to stop what they were doing for a moment to listen to a crying woman at her wits end, haha.

And they sure do appreciate our business, they showed me that today!

They listened as I explained that I was out of power and could not make it home.  Without a second thought they happily helped a gal out by letting me plug into their shop to charge.

My cart was charging after my ride down the bike trail with Marley this morning when I realized I was out of propane as I pulled frozen fruit out of the freezer to make my shake.  I found all of my food defrosting to the point where I think it may be to late to refreeze it.  I am okay with that though, I will just cook it all up today and refreeze the meals, no problem.

I called Jim, the owner of the park and he called the propane guy for trip out here as a few other tenants need some too.  I didn't even know that was possible.  I have been trying to find a ride since the 1st to get propane but haven't had any luck with that.  Every thing happens for reason though and I will explain why I am saying that now.

I needed to go to the store to get the last 10 bucks off of my card for the propane guy.  I asked Jim if the guy came before I got back if he could float me the 10 till I returned, he being the greatest park manager in the world said sure thing and off I went.

Well having not fully charged after Marley's run this morning by the time I hit the parking at the corner of West Elcamino and Traction I was barely moving and the red light was flashing.  I rolled slowly up to Thrift Town and asked the clerk if I could see a manager and she got me one of the floor supervisors.  He was super nice and listened as I explained my situation.  He made me laugh and kindly showed me where a plug was.

I only had a couple bucks over the 10 in change so I thought I would get some exercise and walk around the store as long as I could stand to shop for something for Stella.  I thought it would be nice to spend my last couple bucks giving back to the store who was helping me get home.

Well I didn't get very far before the nice gentleman came back to inform me that the Store Manager made him unplug my chair and said I couldn't charge it there.  I was shocked and said...

"Are you serious? People from the community donate to this store for the community and you can't help a member of this community with a little electricity?

The manager was standing near by now and just shook her head no as he told me he was sorry it wasn't his call.  I thought to myself.. "Is it ever up to us?" and told him I understood it wasn't his fault.  Another employee who was walking by and heard the conversation sharply corrected me saying... "That's not true, we have to buy some of this stuff!" to which I replied... "Yes, but a lot of it is donated, and you make a profit off of all of this from "US" the customers!"

A nice place in the shade to sit, thank you T&Y so much!
Tears swelled up in my eyes as I exited the store and began to slowly roll across the lot.  I reached the light and even slower crossed the street.  I sat there crying realizing there was no way I would make it all the way home and should call for help before I get on the bike trail and am to far off the road for William to carry the chair to his truck.  I called him and he didn't answer so I sat looking up in the sky and said "okay what should I do now?" as I looked back down I saw the tire shop.

T&Y Tire Service was about 30 feet away so I made my way slowly over there.  I have bought tires from them several times in the past this being my old neighborhood and they have always been fair and treated me well.  I had high hopes that today would be the same.  My hopes were rewarded with their kindness.

My TY letter to T&Y
Having lived in this neighborhood for years I have frequented many businesses here.  However, I never shopped at Thrift Town because I didn't do much second hand shopping back in the day before I began this journey and changed my value system.  I was super excited about shopping there now that I have a new way of thinking about "STUFF".  I even went there one morning and went inside at the all excited to shop, so excited in fact hat I didn't notice they weren't even open yet, someone had just left the door unlocked.  The employees let me know the store was still closed and didn't open till 9am and showed me the door.  I am actually glad I haven't gotten the chance to shop there and won't now.  I refuse to support a store that treats people in the community like they did me today.

Thrift Town on the corner of West Elcamino and Traction now has the honor of going on my list of places I no longer shop at.  I recently added Walmart to that list when I discovered that they sell us here in America GMO poisoned foods while they ship the same brands to other Countries without GMO's in them because the other Countries care enough about their citizens to ban GMO's.  I figure if Walmart can ship foods without GMO"s in them then they can sell us here in the States non-GMO foods, yet they don't.

It all comes down to the all might dollar doesn't it!  Well the funny thing about the All Mighty Dollar is that door swings both ways.  By "US" the Consumer choosing to NO LONGER support businesses who only care about profit we take back the power of that dollar.

I should have stopped shopping at Walmart years ago to be honest.  Truth is they don't care about us Disabled Customers much at all.  We have to wait for hours for a handicap cart to shop because they won't spend a few bucks to repair the little amount of carts they supply in the first place.  They have 20 handicapped parking spaces and 3 working carts, the irony.

I dealt with it, some days not so well and would ask for a manager with tears in my eyes.  My frustration was mostly at my being disabled in the first place and my issues with accepting that.  Walmart's lack of carts for us disabled shoppers only reminded me of what I couldn't do on my own.  I grew more disgusted with Walmart as this journey progressed.  Each town I have stayed in has the same issue.  And each store I have asked to speak to a manager every time I visit the stores, some I visited a dozen or so times during my stay.  Each time I asked the manager why they couldn't supply running handicap carts for their disabled customers.  And you know what every single one of them told me... They said they were waiting for the repair man to come!  Way to pass the buck Walmart!

I'd come back in a week and still no more running carts than the last visit and a different manager would tell me the same lie.  One day I got tired of the bull and said..

"Funny how all of you Walmart's say the exact same thing.. Your waiting on the repair man!  Well having been to over a dozen or so stores here in Northern California all having the same excuse I would have to assume that's a corporate excuse.  I find it pretty hard to believe that in this economy that all the repair men in Northern California are sooooooo backed up with work that they can't get to Walmart."

I still shopped there though because I told myself that I had no other choice really.  And I think most of us can't stand the way Walmart treats us or their employees that they won't let get benefits by working enough hours and so on.  But we tell ourselves the lie that they are the only place we can afford.  Well no more of that lie for me, to be honest I would rather go without or live off of the dollar store, farmers markets, whatever to avoid ever feeding their greed another red cent of my limited income.

At some point we have to take a stand and say enough is enough and be willing to make our own sacrifices to stand up for what we believe in.  I believe that if Walmart is going to poison American Consumers knowingly and adhere to other Countries policies on GMO's than they can do so without my support.

After charging for about a half hour I handed the manager of T&Y Tire Service a thank you letter.  I also got to talk to them about what they do with the tires they can't sell and they explained that they have to pay a recycling company to come pick them up.  I told them about our Community Organic Garden idea and asked if we could take some tires off of their hands for free when the time comes and they were happy to oblige.

T&Y getting their One Love on, hehe!
I started my way down the bike trail feeling better knowing there are people in the community like T&Y Tire Service who care about the community they serve.  Along the way I saw a homeless man sitting on the side of the bike trial.  He looked pretty down.  I pulled up to him and asked how he was doing, with a sad look in his eye he smiled in surprise that even cared to stop and talk to him.  I gave him the last of the change I had in my wallet and we talked a bit.  We both felt better as I pulled away.

I met another young man on the bike trail and stopped and talked to him about the work I want to do in the community and gave him my blog address.  He just moved here and said he would like to help.  Further on down the road I saw a group of kids that had to be in their early teens sitting on the side of the bike trail under a tree.  I stopped and asked how they were and we talked a bit, they humored me as I talked about my own Grandchildren and how cool it was to see them outdoors instead of inside playing video games.  They all laughed with me as I told them a few stories about my own sons growing up.

As I was pulling away from them another disabled woman passed me up in her newer model electric chair and said hello.  I rolled behind her as we talked.  She told me she gets 20 miles on her chair and I sighed saying mine only gets about 3 miles, haha.  But told her I make darn good use of that three miles, haha.  We talked a bit, exchanged names and she pulled off down the walkway to the outer road to go her way and I continued on mine when it hit me... I am home!  I mean home is me!  What I am trying to say is I realized that while I haven't been all jumping up and down and everything about being here and been kinda down about not having a ride to places I need to go like SSI and to get propane, I still have so much to be thankful for right here on this bike trail.

Everything happens for a reason.  With tears in my eyes, good tears this time I said a genuine and happy hello to everyone I passed, sometimes laughing out-loud.  My gosh they must of thought I was crazy, hahaha, oh well most people do these days.  I am kinda getting used to it in a fond way, wink.

I made my way back to the park and found out that Jim had paid the difference to have my tank filled all the way up and told me to pay back the rest later.  That is the type of guy he is and I am blessed to be here with good people caring about good people.

Thank you T&Y, thank you Jim and thank you William for hooking up the propane for me and for the heart warming conversation and words of encouragement.

Thank you all for joining me today.  I love ya'll so much!

One Love

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