Thursday, September 13, 2012

Animal Medicine~

Since the beginning of this Journey I have been more aware of animals and the messages they bring.  Since the day my Spiritual Guide Karen Lutter helped me to understand much about my life through a reading done right here in One Love that was a gift from Stella's God Father and my dear friend Denny.

I learned that my Animal Totem is the Whale.  I learned to look to birds for guidance and that my animal spirit is the dog, which at the time resembled more of a wolf as I was just learning to protect myself.

Throughout this journey I have had many experiences with birds, two flying inside and sitting for a spell to sing to me in the kitchen.  Zack and I witnessed one listening to our conversation in Oakley, we both knew this beautiful little feathered creature was paying close attention to our discussion on 5th dimension physics.

On the way home from the mountain with Lynette we were followed the entire drive by two falcons overhead, a symbol of protection.  That whole trip was magical and I was glad it was spent with my dear friend who I miss much.

Yesterday while sitting outside looking to the skies and talking to The Great Spirit asking for help with vision I was blessed with a large Condor flying overhead, this bird was good sized, black with a white head and beak that stood out against the blue sky.  It soared gracefully over me giving me a nice view of it for a nice amount of time.  In my heart I felt the message that my prayers were heard.

This morning upon loading Facebook the first post I saw in my news-feed was a picture of a Condor and an Eagle flying together.  Reminded of the Condor I decided to look up the animal medicine associated with the Condor.  What I found only confirmed my feeling heard yesterday evening.

"Condor: The Condor is said to be messenger to the gods, which flies up into the upper world to carrying our prayers. The Condor teaches us about the ancient mysteries of life and death, communion with the spirits and how to soar above our limitations.

There is a sacred Inca prophecy about the Eagle and the Condor. It addresses how the mental and materialistic energy of the Eagle (which represents North America) has dominated the spiritual and compassionate energy of the Condor (which represents South America). The prophecy speaks of a time when the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South will fly together and the Earth will come into balance.

The message of the Condor may be alerting you that you are entering a time of greater protection, especially in things of the spirit."

Great Spirit, With gratitude I accept your guidance, with faith I follow your direction, with love I trust your voice~
Great Spirit, Through you I live, through me you experience the gift of life you have given to me, together as one I am whole~
With gratitude I embrace your gifts~

Learning to trust my inner voice has enabled me to grow closer to my Creator, has helped me to gain wisdom and insight in many areas of my life and has helped me to better understand the natural order of things, gain acceptance of what is and appreciate the here and now in each moment in life.

Picking up Nicky, Kaili and I have a few moments alone,
she shows Auntie JoJo her One Love hands, awe~
There was a time when I would have dismissed stories like this, a time when I thought someone who spoke of things like this a little off or needing to find more than there was to it all.  I am so blessed today to be able to look back to that time and know how far I have come in this and many areas of my growth.  I can feel the difference between viewing life as my soul and viewing life as my ego/mind.  I can see the limitations that my ego/mind places in front of my seeing the truth and beauty of each moment.  My new vision is becoming more and more clear for me.

My prayers yesterday evening were asking for help with that vision, help overcoming the ego's need to fight my soul for sight.  My ego has had it's time of sight for long enough now and trusting it's vision has led me down roads of judgment, anger, fear, protection, pain.  The ego is the main player of my personality that directs all the fear based players on my team and is fighting being benched these days.

I am blessed to have the love of such special little people in my life~
Children is where it is at, adults will often be adults in this conditioned reality
A child's love and imagination is abundant and every growing, they are Our Future~
I no longer want to see things from my egos view.  I have no need for the superficial opinion and goals of my ego these days.  Rather I want to live a life that is genuine with my intent being born of honesty and truth with a path laid ahead of me that is worth working for, worth taking each step needed to get there so I can reach my dreams the right way, never looking back, never worrying forward.  Simply content with where I am at all times.

So excited to play with my new swimming gear I forgot to take
off the protective film and only realized it this morning, haha
Proud Nerd Here!
This morning is blessed with the sounds of Bob Marley singing to me "Don't worry about a thing".  I feel joy in the crisp morning air.  Am blessed to have my faithful little companion Mr. Marley by my side snoozing in the funniest positions, haha.  I am anticipating my my morning swim.  My Sister bought me some new swim gear (a board, goggles, hair caps and ear plugs)  I used them yesterday and had a great swim with my niece and nephew.  Wednesdays are my day with Nicky as he gets out of school early so I get to pick him up for a date at the pool.  We picked up Kaili also yesterday as a treat.

I wish you all a blessed day full of new vision for the here and now, the ability to release any and all burdens you may carry on your heart to free you of the superficial fears we allow to direct us in life all to often.  I love you from a place of understanding and acceptance for your journey.

One Love

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