Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 47 Go JoJo

Wow, what an amazingly awesome day!  First things first, I lost that 6 pounds!!!  I did it in 5 days and I am so proud of myself for that.

I just got home from a really nice day at my Sisters.  It really touched me when the kids begged me to spend the night.  It feels good to be so loved and wanted here.

Okay, so here is my day 47 Challenge Showdown Video

I can really feel the difference almost 30 pounds makes!  I am completely committed to making this happen for me, I deserve to fell great and live a happy, healthy life loving myself.  It is really cool to not only be able to say that, but to know it!

I am going to finish my chai tea and call it a night!  I love you all from a place of celebration for the power of loving ourselves, the right way!

Have a blessed night full of magical dreams that remind you how special you are!

Go JoJo

One Love
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  1. So very proud of you!! Your lookin great. I hope we can get together when I come down there on the 29th. I plan on taking Chris, Jessica and my God daughter Roxanne to yhe Boardwalk. That is my reason for going down there is to see Roxanne. I wish I had more time but I will be there on Sat morning and leaving Sunday afternoon. Really depends on how my body feels after I walk around at the boardwalk. Anyway hope to see you soon. Love you and again I am so proud of you!! You got this in the bag!!