Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eating To Live

I read an article this morning on about the recent media reports claiming that Organic foods are no safer than conventionally grown and produced foods.  This report is total and complete attempt to twist the facts about organic vs. conventional foods to promote the sales of GMO foods.

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I wanted to speak on my own personal experiences of eating an organic, additive, preservative, processed free foods diet vs. eating conventional foods.

At the start of this Journey I began educating myself through various articles and documentaries on the poisons and diseases fed to us in our foods and the effects they have on us.  My first course of action was to rid my body and mind of as much of these poisons as possible by buying only foods that did not contain additives and preservatives.  I began buying organic fruits and vegetables and eliminated dairy from my diet completely.  I also only eat organic turkey and chicken with pretty much eliminating beef and pork from my diet.

Over the first 7 months of this Journey I lost approximately 27 pounds.  My goal was not weight loss, rather health was my goal.  Cleansing my body of the toxins I have been eating pretty much my whole life mostly unknowingly was my goal.  In the past month I have lost an additional 26 pounds on my new ViSalus diet by replacing two meals a day with Non-GMO soy protein powder shakes.

One of the first things I noticed when I stopped eating all those poisons was that I felt much fuller much longer from the organic foods I was eating.  I found out why that was while watching several of the documentaries I watched.

The chemicals added to our foods turn off the switch in our brain that tells us when we are full, they do this so we will eat more, IE: spend more!  This being the least of the concerns associated with eating foods with additives and preservatives as well as GMO foods.

Reports show that they add stuff to our foods so we will crave more and purchase more.  Reports also show that those additives and preservatives cause a number of diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer, and many more.

I realized after eliminating these poisons from my diet I began to see things clearer, my mind was more alive, I was more alive.  I felt better mentally and physically.  The times when I back slid and ate wrong I felt the consequences of that immediately and very strongly.  I felt horrible, I felt like I had eaten poison.  The same feeling I lived with for years but had grown so accustomed to I didn't recognize what those foods were doing to me until I stopped eating them, cleansed my system than ate them again.

When I back slid and ate wrong I had no drive to think for myself, no motivation to create, no energy to enjoy my day in the way I did when I ate right, healthy!  Honestly, when I ate wrong I took on an "I just don't care" attitude.

Aside from changing my diet I also made another big change in my life.  I stopped watching programmed Television.  I got rid of my TV's and only watched documentaries on my Netflix account on my computer for educational purposes.

I no longer trust the News, I used others sources of positive and/or truth news channels on the net to gain knowledge of what is going on in the world.  I use social networks like Facebook and Google to network with others around the world on their own journey of awakening to gain insight into what is happening in our world and to our food supplies.  I filter through the information I find to decided for myself what makes sense and what seems like hype.  I trust my instincts and my ability to educated myself more than my ability to sit in front of a TV watching the newscasts that lie daily to keep the public living in a total state of fear and or indifference to what is happening to us and our world.

Now I am no expert on any of this, I am only sharing my experiences.  I strongly urge you to do your own homework on these issues and decide for yourself what you want to put into your body, the bodies of your families.  Try it out for a month, feed your family only organic foods that are preservative and additive free with no GMO's and then go to your favorite drive through and get your favorite meal and see how you feel.

I think that trusting ourselves, listening to our bodies is the greatest tool we have.  Do your own experiments and decide for yourself.  Don't take my word for it, don't listen to the news either.  Listen to yourself.

I do not benefit from sharing this today other than knowing that maybe I will be able to help someone to change their diet and maybe live a little healthier, a little longer.  I have felt the joy of seeing my own children change the way they feed their children, my grandchildren.  All I wish for us all is a better world that is healthier for us all, our world included.

These poisons and GMO's are hurting our earth and all for profit and gain of power for some greedy power hungry maniacs who could care less about us, we are expendable to them.  They keep us asleep through our foods supply and programmed television.  So programmed in fact that you can tell someone their TV is programming them and they will dismiss it as crazy or defend their right to watch TV every night rather than try finding something healthier to do with themselves and their children.

Many children grow up watching TV and for a parent the TV is a great way to keep the kids occupied while we have a moment to clean the house or to ourselves.  I get that, I did it with my own children.  I was ignorant to the facts about TV, the hidden facts.  I wish I had known then because I sure would have gotten rid of every TV in my home and became a more active parent and got my children interested in activities that encourage their growth rather than train them to be just another one of the sheeple of this consumer society.

What course you take to help protect yourself, your family, all of us as a whole and our mother earth is completely up to you.  You may decide to take no course at all by deciding that you are comfortable with things as they are and that is your choice.  Just remember when someone in your family ends up in the hospital with a life threatening condition it may have been avoided by making changes today.

I love you all from a place of hope for a better tomorrow for all our children and their children.  Hope for a better tomorrow for our Mother Earth!

One Love
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