Sunday, September 9, 2012

Everyone knows someone...

                                             ...who has died from cancer, has a disease like diabetes or is suffering one of many conditions caused by the toxic poisons being intentionally put into our Food and Water Supply.  For decades now a plan to profit off of Controlling the Population has been in effect.  This is about more than making a profit for companies like Monsanto who are not hurting for money.  Oh yes, this is about much more than profit, this is about population control, this is about power!

Trying to wake people up these realities is hard to do, I know because I used to be one of the sleep walking of us.  If someone told me drinking soda with high fructose corn syrup in it was bad I would reply with some smart comment like... "The air we breath causes cancer" and dismiss their trying to help open my eyes and save my life as a nice gesture and move on to consuming more toxic poisons.

No one wants to be told what to do or how to think.  No one wants to hear that their favorite beverage is laced with poisons.  We don't realize just how much damage those poisons do and how carefully formulated they are to do the damages desired.  In order for them to be truly effective in meeting the long term goals they must be consumed repeatedly and in large quantities.  Addictive Substances are added to our foods.  Additives that shut down the part of our brain that tells us we are full are added.  That is just the beginning of the long list of toxic garbage additives being added to our food supply.

I strongly suggest anyone reading this who cares about themselves and their family to do their own research and not take my word for it.  When you are done researching foods and water move further to beauty products, Antibacterial cleaning products and soap.  You will start to see the connections between it all.  Go deeper and research which companies own the foods, beauty products and cleaning supplies of the toxic and poisonous foods and go even deeper and research what companies own those companies.  Then take it one step further and research who they funded in past political campaigns and do just a little more homework and find out of those political campaigns that won elections what bills they passed in favor of the companies poisoning us, who they appointed to be on their staff regarding our health like positions at the FDA.

The FDA there is one of the biggest fraudulent administrations of America.  One need only view the history of names running the FDA, employed at the FDA in decision making positions and where they worked previously to these appointments to understand that the FDA is not an administration who's goal is protecting the safety of food & drugs in America!  If you look up Conflict of Interest in the dictionary there should be a long list of employee names from the FDA.  With their Revolving Door of employees going back and forth from the Big Pharma Cartel companies and positions at Monsanto to the FDA and back again and again it is easy to see what is taking place.  All of which is taking place with the knowledge and okay of our Government who created these positions.

I think one of the biggest problems with waking up to these realities is our feeling to small and insignificant to do anything about it.  That feeling of insignificance combined with a clouded mind full of toxins that are designed to keep us complacent and lazy produces what many today refer to as sheeple.  No one wants to be referred to as being a sheeple.  I sure didn't think of myself as brain washed.  Why would I want to admit that to myself, admit that everything I believed was wrong and have to relearn it all.  No that was way to tall of an order for me too not so long ago.

There is hope for change and that hope begins in each of us playing a role in this movement.  We have more power than we give ourselves credit for and there is power in numbers.  Before I get ahead of myself and speak on mass movements for change lets start smaller and deal with one person at a time, you!

Can I ask you a question?

"If the 6pm news had a news cast that told you the food you are feeding your children and yourself was designed to kill you would you want to know more?"

Well, the 6pm news is also owned by the same companies talked about above.  We are dealing with a pyramid of puppets with one small percent of the population at the top of that pyramid pulling the strings because they believe they have the right to control and murder us for their greater good.

May I ask you another question?

"Have you ever asked yourself, honestly asked yourself... What if they are poisoning us intentionally?"

I have a way for you to find out for yourself, it worked for me.  All you have to do is read my blog from the beginning to see how much it worked for me in my own awakening to the truth on these many other issues in life.

Here is where I began...

I stopped eating foods with additives and preservatives, eliminated all Processed Foods from diet.  This didn't happen over night.  It started with the foods I bought.  I had to learn how to read ingredients on packages and take more time shopping to find decent priced organic foods that fit my budget.  I even had to eat the same things a lot to afford these changes in diet.  I was determined to clean these poisons out of my body and that was more important than the excuses for not doing so that I used over the years.

Soda and Energy Drinks were last on my list and the hardest to kick.  I drank a Monster Energy Drink the other day after not drinking those toxic drinks for several months and got really sick.  It is crazy to me how my body used to be so adapted to poisons that it craved them and I thought I felt better when I consumed them.  What is even crazier to me is that no one could have convinced me to give them up, that is how powerful of an addiction they were for me.

Do your own experiments and homework for the next month.  Commit to taking one month out of your life and dedicate it to deciding for yourself the effects of the foods and beverages you and your family consume.  Eat a preservative and additive free diet with no processed foods for just one month and then try eating them again.  You will be awakened to more than your reading here I assure you.

For those out there who have the attitude that I myself once had of

"we all gotta die sometime, might as well enjoy what I like now"

I want to put one more thought in your mind.  This is bigger than us.  The decisions we make about our own health and what we will accept from these companies that poison us with every bite we take will Effect Generations To Come.  Are you willing to dismiss the impact that not caring about yourself will have on your children's children and their children if we are here long enough for that generation to prosper?

The world is waking up, many of us have our eyes and hearts wide open and we are making progress.  We need you to stand with us.  Together we can change all this.  Together hand in hand with a love for life we can change our world.  Together we have all the power.

Here is a great article I read this morning on one of my favorite sites for information on health issues.  Wake Up World is a great go to site for articles on current issues we face regarding our health.  Aside from reporting on the bad things we are consuming they have article after article of good things that can benefit our health.

Here is an encouraging article on the issues of GMO foods from Wake Up World that I read this morning!  Check it out for yourself and see what I mean about change happening, you can be a part of that change too!

While I am on the topic of world health I would like share some about my own personal health.  I made a new Challenge Showdown video yesterday.  In this video I share honestly as always the ups and downs of my success in my new lifestyle change through ViSalus the new diet I am on.  In under 4 weeks I had lost 26 pounds.  Well, over the past two weeks I backslid by letting a change in routine affect my diet.  Moving to Santa Cruz combined with being sick with a pretty bad head cold was my excuse to cheat myself and eat wrong, exercise less and gain back 6 pounds.

Like you I am human and to error as we all know is human, haha.  I laugh at it because for me to give my bad choices to much power allows them to keep me in a space emotionally of self sabotage.  I have learned on this journey of self work and self love that I cannot hold onto the past, 5 minutes ago is the past!  I also don't ignore the results of the past choices.  I acknowledge the results of my choices so I can get over it and move on to better choices.

I woke up this morning fully fueled to give the second half of this 90 Day Challenge all of me, all of my determination and commitment to succeed in changing my health and reaching my goals.  I started yesterday by getting back on track and going swimming for exercise.  Swimming is the only real exercise I can do today due to my disabilities, however it won't be forever anymore.  No, one day I will run again, surf again and do cartwheels in my front yard!

Getting healthy for me and my family!

I want to achieve a fully balanced Me!  Mind, body and spirit!  Loving myself won't allow me to settle for any less.  I made some promises to myself and here is where I really get serious about his diet.  ViSalus has offered me an opportunity to change my life, but for me to be a success I have to do the work.  The product is only half of it.  If this diet does not work for me it is only because I did not work for myself.

I would love your votes, I want to win this challenge.  The top 100 videos are selected in October and go to the next stage of this competition. Your votes count, so if you can take a moment to log into Facebook and go to this link to vote on each of my videos I really appreciate it.  To vote on more than one video you will need to refresh your browser between videos.  You can vote on each video once by selecting a number between 1 and 10 form the scale under each video with 10 being the best!  Vote honestly, I would ask for nothing more than your honest vote.

Thank you so much for joining me this morning.  I love you all from a place of believing together we can change our world, we can prosper in mind, body and spirit together as brothers and sisters in this great big family of ours.

One Love

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