Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Grounding In Self Acceptance~

Good morning my friends~

I had the oddest sleep last night, unable to sleep for more than an hour or two at a time.  I have been battling some sort of head cold since yesterday that came on strong.  While I am under the weather physically I feel great, I mean I have a lot of emotional energy which is making this physical thing not that big of a deal.

I had the strangest dreams that woke me up, they were different than any dreams I can remember ever having.  I kept seeing electricity or lightening of some sort but it wasn't in the air it was in the earth.  It was radiating and shaking the ground.  I felt no fear only the urge to garden.  Sounds strange? Feels great!

Santa Cruz, California
One Love's New Home
I am pretty much all settled in here in Santa Cruz, California.  I am loving being surrounded by trees and plants with the ocean air so clean and refreshing.  I feel at home here which for me is a big change from the way I used to feel coming here, my home town, the place I grew up.  A place that used to hold many ghosts of past for me.

Today those ghosts are free, released and I have merged with that little girl inside of me.  Have begun to feel the rewards of self acceptance.  Have accepted Lelania as myself and shown her unconditional love and acceptance.  Lelania and JoJo are one now.  We are really tight too.  There is a big family reunion going on inside of me here in Santa Cruz this morning and it feels amazing.

No wonder I longed to be here, here is where it all began.  And no wonder I was not here till now.  I had much work to do to be here, to be open to this union of her and I.  Years I avoided acknowledging her existence.  Thought if I pretended she did not happen than I could avoid the pain she suffered.  I was wrong, everything I believed was wrong.  It was my fears of facing that pain that kept it held within me, waiting, biding it's time, eating away at me over the years.

Love has freed her and I both.  I see us dancing in a magical universe of brilliant lights of love.  I saw an image the other day that touched me deeply and was moved to say these words out loud...

"The little girl inside of me, her name is Lelania. She is seeing the light breaking through the darkness more each day. She is feeling the love she always thought she did not deserve, she is awakening and becoming the woman she was destined to become. She is me, and I love her so very much! I love you Lelania!"

Today I bathe in self acceptance, my superficial need to wear an image of who I thought I needed to be is no longer alive in me.  Today I long to express myself freely with no fears of what others think, no concern of ridicule.  I understand that some do not get it yet, as I did not get it once either.  I offer those who do not understand my words or choices unconditional love and acceptance till they themselves find their place of freedom that allows acceptance and appreciation of all our uniqueness in expressing ourselves in love.

Source:  https://www.facebook.com/PeaceFlash
My dreams brought me a new friend this morning.  Connections being made all over this world are happening so fast, so openly and without fear or the need to question these new unions.  I feel whole and know that all is unfolding as intended for me.  I feel closer to my energy self than ever before, I feel the love of Spirit thriving inside of me in more than a physical sense.  While my physical body is going through some sort of purification my spiritual body is alive with energy.  This is amazing.  I am home!

I know this entry may be a bit out there for some, this is how I woke up this beautiful morning.  I can only share my truths here with you.  Today my truth is beautiful to me and I feel no need to hide it.  In fact I feel compelled to share it openly with you here.

I am excited and alive, I am grounding in self acceptance~  This is the second half of my life~  This is my awakening~  This is where living begins for me, before today I only existed in the the walls of the shell of who I was to become.  I have hatched out of the prison, I am free.

I love you all from a place of confidence and excitement for the here and now, time is irreverent to me now in the strangest way.

One Love
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